HOLLA ON THE GO: I didn’t even notice getting harassed

I didn’t even notice getting harassed. But my friend beside me did. That is how used to it I am, depressing.

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stalking, verbal

HOLLA ON THE GO: Two Young Creeps Harassing Women

I was walking home out of the 137th St subway and a really pretty woman walking with her groceries was scurrying by. I saw these two young guys, who looked no more than 21yrs old change directions and start cat calling the woman, who picked up the pace. They followed her half a block saying loud enough for everyone to hear all the things they wanted to “do to her”.

I couldn’t help it so I asked them to have some respect and was immediately verbally attacked for being a snitch, and was told to mind my own business.

I live in the neighborhood and am now a little worried about these little punks causing trouble for me just for standing up for another woman.

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Weird guy who looked to be about 40 or so– I’m thirteen and look it– looked up and down my body in a very creepy way. Ew.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Auto Repair Shop Daily Harassment

I have to walk past this auto repair shop everyday and every day they are just loitering around, hardly working, and staring and harassing women walking by.

I usually am walking fast (cuz I’m in a hurry + don’t want to be harassed) and EVERY TIME they have to say comments like “Beautiful. Slow down.” Or “Why you in such a hurry, pretty girl?” Or comments on my appearance like “Oh mami. I love that hair. What color do you call that?” (My hair is green.) Or the general “Oh you so sexy.”

I could cross the street but there are guys sitting on their stoops and construction across the street.

I have to walk past this car shop to the train every single day and endure this harassment.

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Homophobic, verbal

HOLLA ON THE GO: The Hammock Harassers

Several men sitting, drinking alcohol on the hammock near the corner of knickerbocker and starr in maria hernandez park (hammock is attached to the fence, across from 133 starr street) screaming threatening and derogatory things at women and “faggot” at guys.

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groping, racist, verbal

Goodbye NYC

I’ve lived in NYC for eight years and currently live in Brooklyn. I am leaving New York at the end of the month, and wanted to share my story.

Harassment is everywhere in this city. There are days when I receive up to 50 comments (yes, I’ve counted) and a male stranger attempts to grab me at least twice a week. I know that not all men act like this, but there are many who do. This doesn’t even include the creepy, intense stares or quiet comments that men will whisper in my ear or under their breaths.

I love NYC, but I’ll admit that this is a huge reason for my departure. I feel like I’m going into battle every time I walk out my front door. I experience harassment less in certain neighborhoods, but men like this hang out everywhere, even wealthy areas like the Upper East Side or TriBeCa.

The worst is when they get angry if you choose to ignore them. They will yell at and insult you, calling you a “bitch,” “whore,” or worse.

I am half-Asian and Spanish, so men will often make racially-charged comments, like “me love you long time” or “hola, senorita!” It is often minorities who make the comments, and I’m amazed that they don’t realize how insensitive they’re behaving.

I hope that as women, we can support one another through these experiences. Sadly, I’ve noticed that many women simply ignore harassment when it happens to others, and I hope this will change.

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nonverbal harassment, public masturbation

HOLLA ON THE GO: Subway Masturbator

I was on the way to work on the F subway line around 8am when guy got on the subway around 34th street and sat across from me. He was staring at me and then started masturbating over his pants. There weren’t many people on the car but he had placed his bag on one leg which was blocking people on the other side from seeing his motions.

When I looked at him he stopped; that happened a few times with him restarting when I looked away. After about two minutes of this I put my phone up to videorecord him and he stopped.

I kept the phone up and then closed my eyes, pretending to be asleep, which is when he started masturbating again. I yelled at him that I saw what he was doing and he immediately grabbed his phone and pretended to be doing something w the phone. Then he got up and sat somewhere else.

He sat next to an older man who seemed to be a stranger to him, and that man looked like he was scolding the masturbator. But, a few minutes later the older man turned to the masturbator and said something and laughed.

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Street harassment is so demeaning!

I was on my way to work today and a man saw me approaching, and he says to me, ‘mmm…yeah, baby. That’s right.’ I actually face this quite frequently on my way to work between my stop at Nevins in Brooklyn and my office. I’m sharing this one because I just stepped out for a mid-afternoon tea run and again as I was walking down Atlantic Ave, another guy made the most disgusting lip smacking noises at me. I know street harassment happens regardless of what I’m wearing, but today, I was just strolling along with my hands in my pocket with a rather boxy, black jumpsuit on. Nevermind that, I guess. Street harassment is so demeaning!

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