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Man Jerked Off On The Subway Across From 17-Year-Old

It was around 8 p.m. on the F train line. My compartment had three people on it at the time, all spaced out on the train. I got on at 179th street, sat down and started reading a book. Around one or two stops later, a man enters the compartment via one of the side train doors. I did not look up at him until he decided to sit down directly across from me. Keep in mind that the train is almost empty at this point, and he could have sat anywhere. I do not look at his face, but notice he is wearing a white T-shirt and dirty, stained-looking gray sweatpants, and he is overweight. At this point, I see him putting his hands in his pants and jerking off. I never once looked at his eyes, but I could tell he was staring directly at my face while he did this. There was a stench emanating from him for the few seconds I was across. I suspected he was homeless.

Horrified, I tried to keep my expression mute and I put away my book, got up, and speed-walked to the end of the compartment. He had a grayish beard and from the quick second I side glanced at him, looked to be 50 years old and Middle Eastern. I did not look at his eyes.

I got off at the next stop and moved to the next compartment down where there were more people and a family. I was so shaken, but what also concerns me besides this huge violation is that there were three other people in my compartment and they SAW what was happening. A man in a business suit was sitting a few seats away from me, and I remember seeing him look up and then look back at his phone, not bothering to do anything. I felt threatened. This monster was over 5’8” and I felt my life could have been in danger. What he did was illegal.

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Bystander: Man Was Yelling At Female Cops

These female cops were towing a car, and a man passed by and winked at them and then said it would take them all day to do that. He saw me walking and he looked all cocky, like he was cool for putting those cops down. So I got in his face and I said “why don’t you shut the fuck up?” His face changed and he said “what?” And I was like “why don’t you let the ladies do their job and shut your stupid fucking mouth?” And I walked away. He’s like “what are you talking about?” As I walked away I screamed, “yeah you’re still talking, time to shut up.” Then he goes “why you walking away, come here and make me.” Then I said, “you’re fucking sexist and you hate to see women doing their jobs,” and that was it.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Someone Tried To Take A Photo Up My Skirt So I Took A Photo Of Them

Standing just beside the subway steps, off to the side so as to avoid foot-traffic as I text a quick ETA off to my friend, I feel something brush between my legs. Looking down, I see this cretin with his phone shoved up my skirt, taking a photo. I followed him down into the subway (it was crowded, I felt a little brave), got right into his face to take HIS photo, and let him know that what he did was disgusting, and that I’d be posting his photo everywhere and anyhow.

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Man Approached and Shouted At Me After I Told Him To Leave Me Alone

This evening a 25-30-year-old man approached me near 10 Grand Army Plaza in the bike lane approaching the Brooklyn Public Library. The man asked me a question; I assume he was asking for money. I took off my headphones and asked him to leave me alone. As I was crossing the street, he followed me and said “stop acting fucking stupid.” I walked away and hurried along, moving out of sight.

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“He was laughing, cursing, harassing, and I was trying to just get away from him.”

This creep followed me as I was exiting the subway, and tried to block me while using words that even I don’t say….so when he went up the stairs I took the elevator. Got to street level and he blocked the elevator, wouldn’t let me out, wouldn’t let the doors close, so I took his picture. He tried to get in with me and I managed to run out under his arm (thank goodness I am short!) and ran for subway steps. He followed, and spit on me (good aim unfortunately). He followed me to CVS, and them ambled away to harrass the next woman. The entire time, of course, he was laughing, cursing, harassing,
and I was trying to just get away from him. The rest of the pedestrians just stood by watching even though I asked them to call the police a few time. A few minutes later I was able to contact police and they said they won’t do anything and won’t look for him. Off he went to harass more women.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: I didn’t even notice getting harassed

I didn’t even notice getting harassed. But my friend beside me did. That is how used to it I am, depressing.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Two Young Creeps Harassing Women

I was walking home out of the 137th St subway and a really pretty woman walking with her groceries was scurrying by. I saw these two young guys, who looked no more than 21yrs old change directions and start cat calling the woman, who picked up the pace. They followed her half a block saying loud enough for everyone to hear all the things they wanted to “do to her”.

I couldn’t help it so I asked them to have some respect and was immediately verbally attacked for being a snitch, and was told to mind my own business.

I live in the neighborhood and am now a little worried about these little punks causing trouble for me just for standing up for another woman.

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Weird guy who looked to be about 40 or so– I’m thirteen and look it– looked up and down my body in a very creepy way. Ew.

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