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HOLLA ON THE GO: on the train

This guy was rubbing my butt on the train

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HOLLA ON THE GO: A girl assaulted on the street

At around 8:30pm I was standing with a girl waiting to cross the Street when a group of 5-6 young boys came and started talking to the girl. I couldn’t really understand what they were saying but at first I thought they knew each other cause they were acting really freely. Then I saw one of the boys filming with his phone while another was trying to scare the girl raising his hand as if he was going to hit her. Fortunately he didn’t and after a couple of minutes they walked away. I was really sorry I didn’t intervene but maybe it was better since the situation could have become worse.

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Story, verbal

HOLLA ON THE GO: Indecent proposal

I was going home at around 9:30pm and a guy started walking with me. He didn’t seem dangerous so when he said Hey, I replied Hi. Then he asked me: Do you have company for tonight? I said Yes. He: are you sure? Me: Yes, while becoming a bit agitated since there were very few people on the street. Fortunately then he said Ok, bye. I was relieved!

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Drive by rape threat

Walking to Steiner Studios with my very full backpack when a guy starts hollering from his SUV: “Miss! Miss! Who’s tapping that? Because I wanna ram my-”

Seeing red, I threw down my bag, ran to his car, took a photo of his NJ license plate, and told him I was calling the cops. I was shaking with anger, and as I turned back to get my bag I actually tripped over it and fell.

A guy walking his dog saw the whole thing – he didn’t speak up for me, but he did find my mug on the sidewalk – although he definitely called “Miss” to get my attention. Is there a gender-focused pronoun that hasn’t become a trigger word frombeing yelled at me ? Not sure.

I’m also not sure whether I should have actually called the police. I don’t live close by so I don’t know what precinct I was in, and calling 911 seems excessive. What do y’all think?

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Story, verbal

Georgina’s Story: Feeling unsafe

I was walking to do grocery shopping and a young kid approached and kept trying to talk to me. As I ignored him he followed me inside the super market while trying to talk to me, he introduced himself and kept asking questions, I then told him I was busy but he kept trying to talk to me, get my phone number and then tried to give me a hug.

I told him to leave me alone and he left, but honestly I feel unsafe now because I feel he is going to keep trying to track me down. Maybe I am exaggerating but as this is my first time living here I don’t know how this people behave and how far they go.

My friends suggested I buy mace, which I will, but I feel sad that I actually have to buy mace to feel safer.

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Story, verbal

HOLLA ON THE GO: Creep on the F Train

My friend and I were on the F train heading home. I believe at the Roosevelt Ave station stop a well dressed older man entered the train and sat next to my friend. He started to touch her and come very close to her and asked in Spanish, “what train is this?”

Obviously he knew what train he got on and was looking for an excuse to talk to/touch/get close to young women. We ignored him when we started to hear loud banging from the other end of the train car. An MTA employee was trying to wake up an extremely intoxicated young woman who had fallen asleep and was slumped over the seat.

As soon as the old man saw this, he made a beeline to sit right next to her. By this time, everyone in the train can see what is happening as the man starts to talk to the girl and starts touching her like he did to us.

I made my way over to where she was and asked her if this man was bothering her and if she’d like to sit with us. Slurring her words, she said he wasn’t bothering her and then slumped back over. I sat down across from her when I heard a camera noise and saw a flash. The creep was taking pictures of us! We alerted the MTA employee who then left his door open.

The train had stopped moving and I (as well as the old man) had assumed someone was coming to talk to him. The old man starts yelling at me, “fat girl! You stopped the train because you’re so fat! Fat legs. Fat face!” The conductor’s door swings shut as the train accelerates and the man immediately gets up and starts coming toward us.

I was so scared of what this man might do to us I started banging at the door for the MTA worker. I explained to him several times I wanted him to alert NYPD or the Transit Authority about what was happening. He never said he called them, he just left his office door open for us.

I left the train and called 911 while the man continued taking pictures of us, still seated right next to the drunk woman. No one else in that train car did anything. I was more concerned about the woman’s safety than my own and I am unaware of any efforts to address that.

This happened between 3:40-4:00 AM on 9/12 on the F line going uptown. The car number was 9344.

The photo attached is one of several I have of this man. You can see the woman on the left. His black button down shirt has letters embroidered in white on the wrist.

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nonverbal harassment, Story, verbal

HOLLA ON THE GO: When Others Enable Harassment

I was walking back with a friend down 2nd Ave around 5th street to the subway to go home. A group of three men and one woman were walking in the opposite direction toward us and taking up the entire sidewalk.

My friend and I moved to avoid them. One of the men ran over to us and cornered us. He pushed out his pelvis toward us and said “Bam! Bam! Bam!” while moving back and forth.

This was about the fifth instance of harassment I had experienced that night, so I yelled, “get the FUCK out of my face!” This was apparently quite hilarious to the man who just laughed, while the woman he was with told me to “shut the fuck up.” I was genuinely shocked at her response and just disappointed in the human race.

Unfortunately that wasn’t the end of my harassment for the night, as I dealt with a creep on the F train that got on at Roosevelt Ave. MTA did nothing – even after I repeatedly requested them to alert NYPD.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Harassed while waiting for the bus

I was waiting for the B9 bus around 10:30. I was wearing enormous, sound proof headphones, and was reading a book.

A guy tapped me on the shoulder to ask if I knew when the bus was coming–I was friendly, told him, and then put my headphones back on.

He proceeds to continually tap me to try and “compliment” me, ask me out, push for me to hang out with him. Even after I politely declined and put my headphones on, he stared at me constantly.

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Shar’s Story: “Do I deserve to be sexually harassed because of what I’m wearing?”

Walking to buy some shoes the other day and this guy walks past me in a crowded area ( I did not get a good look at him ) and says

“nice pussy”

and I respond by yelling, “EWWWW, gross!,” and keep walking.

He then yells, “NO! You are, because you’re showing your pussy.” Seriously? I deserve to be sexually harrassed because of what I’m wearing? ( not that it matters but it was leggings and a tshirt btw )

And then I yell, “Fuck you bitch!”

Does this happen often to people because I got a comment like similar to this last year.

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Story, verbal

HOLLA ON THE GO: Two teenagers on skateboards

I was walking on the Hudson Greenway by 10th St. when a teenager and his friends ride up near me on their skateboards. One of them said “Do you have any black in you? Do you want some?” They rode off, but the one who said it kept staring back. I get that they’re kids, but it’s inexcusable.

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