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Shaking with Anger

A truck driver whistled and called out to a clearly underaged girl. He said she had an amazing ass. I didn’t plan to yell at him, but I’m so so sick of it. I told him not to whistle or talk to women on the street. Naturally, he called me a bitch, gave me the finger, and honked loudly. Many, many people saw. No one said anything. I teach 11-year-old students who routinely tell me they are harassed. They ask me what to do – what is the safest response. The saddest thing is I have no idea what to tell them. Women have been killed for responding and killed for not responding. I have the girls talk to their male peers to explain what happens to them every day. Maybe that will help – the boys are amazed and sympathetic.

Anyway, still shaking with anger. I wish I could do more.

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Story, verbal

Cali Girl

I was walking from Penn Station with a large duffel bag. I was waiting for the light to turn when an older man approached me and said hello various times. He asked me several times where I was from, asking if I was from California. I didn’t respond and it seemed like he thought I couldn’t hear him cause he just kept saying the same thing over and over. Then he asked me which way Penn Station was, and either out of instinct or because I thought it meant he would leave, I turned to face him and pointed in the right direction. He completely ignored my answer and asked again if I was from California. I glared at him, told him to fuck off, and crossed the street.

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So Tired

So tired of being harassed every time stepped outside of my apartment, not even wear anything colorful or without leggings/tights. Doesn’t matter if it is day or night, it happens all the time. I even start not going out if it is not necessary. I start feeling trapped.

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Violated on the subway

Today was Mother’s Day. I was riding the subway back from Times Square with my mom and my little cousin. A man was standing very close to me and right before his stop he tried to grab my vagina through my skirt. I was in shock. The only thing I did was yell. I am so mad at myself for not punching him in the face. Clearly he thought that this was okay but it is not okay at all. Now he will do this to another girl because I did nothing about it. I am so mad at myself.

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Unwanted Reveal

A complete stranger flashed his private parts to me.

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Harassed and Laughed At

I was walking into my father in law’s house when 4 men coming home from work crossed the street towards me and started shouting “Aye mami! How you doin’? Come here mami!” I told them where to go and they laughed and continued to taunt me until I found my keys and got inside the house.

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Followed But Not Helped

he followed me about a block but I turned to go into a house. Nice fellas on the block were aware he was following me.

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Maria’s Story: Trapped

This morning on my way to work, as I was walking and on the phone (headphones) talking to my dad a man decided to talk dirty to me. The street was crowded, just a block away from the subway stop, a guy is on the phone in front of me, I am telling my dad that a random man is talking dirty to me but I am hoping he will walk away. Instead he gets closer and walking next to me. I started runing towards the man in front of me so he could hear what the other guy was telling me. The guy instead decided to walk faster. The man walked faster and closer while talking dirty. Then he started talking about my backpack which made me think that he would assault me to rob my backpack. At this point I turned, I say “Leave me alone”, then he gets even more into it, closer, worse talk; then I hang up to my dad and ask Siri to call 911. The guy in front of me turns, looks at us, runs to the Dunkin Donuts, turns again, stares at us and walks in leaving me alone in the street with this crazy man.

I run up the stairs while talking to the 911 lady, the man continues insulting me and hears me giving my location and his description so he runs away.

4 police cars show up to assist me in less than 3 mininutes, but they cannot do anything because the man has not touched me.

I have never felt violated this way, I have never felt so unprotected, I was not able to cross the street, run to a police car, get inside the Dunkin Donuts, I WAS TRAPPED!

What can I do in the future? What can my daughter do if she find herself in that situation? My sister? All women??

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Hannah’s Story: Not Your Model

Turned onto 36th St off 7th Ave and walked through a group of 3 men, all much taller than me. One jumps in front of me with his phone out saying something like “hey pretty lady smile for the camera.” I pushed past them, turned back, and the following exchange ensued:
Me: “That was incredibly rude.”
Him: “I’m not rude, you’re a diva.”
Me: “I’m not a diva. Just because you like how I look doesn’t give you the right to jump in front of me and try to take a picture of me. That’s rude.”
His friends stayed silent and he continued to yell at me about how I thought I was such hot shit as I entered a nearby building.
Later, leaving the building they were still there and he yelled at me again. I yelled back to fuck off and back off, and people nearby looked at me like I was the one in the wrong for responding like that.

It was the middle of a Saturday afternoon, broad daylight, and there were other people on the street who ignored the situation. It’s incredibly frustrating when the person harassing doesn’t seem to understand how they might be out of line, even when you try to explain to them. Made me feel incredibly helpless and angry.

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Nobody Stopped to Help

Guy bumped into me on purpose when no one else was on the corner to try to start a fight. Yelled at me and used threatening posture when I yelled back. Tried to appeal to a guy nearby for help but he started yelling at me to calm down. Chelsea on a busy night and a million passersby didn’t try to stop it.

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