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Margot’s Story: Only Me

I was walking to work and some guy in an SUV was stopped at a traffic light. He opened his car window and made kissy sounds at me. I looked around and was the only woman. He nodded and winked at me before driving off.

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Cassidy’s Story: Shocking and Traumatizing

My sister and I live in a very nice, not very populated rural neighborhood in New York. It’s rare that anyone have any altercation, so this experience was especially shocking for us.
We decided one afternoon after school to go on a run, as we were both on the cross country team and didn’t have practice that day. I was 17 and she was 14. As we were running, two middle-aged men in a convertible drove passed us. A few minutes later then passed us again and mimed a “boob grab” and yelled at us to expose our “tits.” Keep in mind that my sister had barely even developed yet and we were both underage.
We were afraid that they would circle around again and we immediately went home. My sister was in hysterics, having never been exposed to that level of disrespect from an older male. It was very traumatizing for us both. ūüôĀ

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Margot’s Story: In a Tight Spot

I was walking into work from the subway. Some guy was leaning against a building smoking. Just after I passed him he shouted after me “Wow! Those jeans look hot on you girl. Tight!”.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: “Damn girl”

I was walking down 2nd Ave after work. A guy leaned out of a truck and yelled “damn girl!”.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: He said he wanted to make us laugh

I was sitting in the uptown D train when this guy started talking really loudly about a woman sitting next to me. He kept moving closer to her before finally sitting next to her and trying to get her to talk to him. She was ignoring him and I started glaring at him and then told him to stop. He then started yelling about how I was harassing him and he just wanted to make us laugh. I was getting off at the next stop I hope that other woman is ok.

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Update from the Mothership: Harassed while Holla-ing

Hello Hollabackers! Intern Kate here with a personal update from HQ at Hollaback!NYC.

Today, I went with our Executive Director Emily May to City Hall to meet with the Women’s Caucus to discuss our Legislative Agenda. It was a great meeting, and Emily and myself were very pleased as we were taking the 2 train back from City Hall.

The good mood lasted until a man walked to our section of the subway where a group of people (about 5 young women including Emily and myself, one older woman and one older man) were sitting. He stood facing the door way and proceeded to masturbate through his sweatpants, occasionally turning around to look at the women on the train.

Two of the young women (who were¬†sitting opposite of where he was standing) noticed pretty quickly and got up and moved to another part of the train. I wasn’t sure what was going on at first, and Emily was reviewing our report and wasn’t looking around her. The older woman was trying to catch our eye to tell us to move.

Even though I’m on my way to street harassment expert status, I was still frozen and didn’t know how to respond. When Emily realized what was going on, she glared straight at him which had him walk quickly away, moving to the next subway car. It seemed terribly ironic that we had just been talking with our council members about how to make New York City safer, and then had ended up in a situation making us feel very unsafe.

Street harassment hasn’t gone away yet, and it probably wont go anywhere anytime soon, but after that frightening experience I’m glad to know that I’m trying to do¬†something about it.

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Anne’s Story: Groped on a Crowded Train

I was riding the packed train home at the end of the day. People were packed into the train
like a can of sardines.
Suddenly , I felt a hand grope my behind but I did not know who it was. I was able to reach around and seize this hand and twist the fingers so they hurt the violator. They stopped.

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Anne’s Story: Intervening on the Train

Riding the crowded train to work and I was sitting next to a younger girl. The passengers standing in front of us were packed close because the train was full. A young man who was standing in front of us, wearing sweat pants and no underwear, kept leaning his groin towards out faces and having secret fun in doing this. I was really getting annoyed and the young girl next to me was turning red and I am sure she was feeling totally humiliated and embarrassed. I took my hands and pushed the guys body away from her and said,”Get your dick out of her face!” He then exclaimed “What!” What did I do?” I returned with “You know exactly what you did.” He removed himself from the train.

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Anne’s Story: Followed on the Street

I was on my way to work. This older guy spots me and I could see he from the look he gave me he was going to bother me. He dogged me to the corner, then across the street. I back tracked, he back tracked. He would not stop.
I stopped, turned around, went right to his face and yelled stop following me! He then exclaimed, “Why would I follow you?” and then I said “You better not because I will poke your fucking eyes out!” then I lunged at him and he ran off. Never to follow me again.

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L Williams’ Story: Flashed in the Subway

At 5:00 today I was walking through the tunnel at the Canal St station from the Downtown 6 to the N/Q trains. A young man¬†got in front of me and looked like he was going to stop me to ask a question. He looked down when he got my attention, and I looked down too and saw that he had exposed his penis. He quickly zipped up his pants, looked at me, then casually walked toward the stairs back to the 6 train. I tried to take a pic but only got his back. I went back up to see if there were any cops around but there weren’t, and there aren’t any station agents at that spot either. I loosely told a couple, “That man right there just flashed me,” but the guy just said, “Just ignore it.” Then the flasher got on the downtown 6 train and it pulled away. I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do.

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