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Jacky’s Story: No Popcorn For You

I’m a female, just last week my girl and I were walking down main st flushing. I’m holding her waist and what not and these 3 men are walking our direction. The man in front leans over towards my girl and says
….. “Hey baby let me get some popcorn” , she tells him to “stfu” and we keep walking. So in that second I let go of her and tell him to “show some respect” and this happens
He: “wtf shut up I wasn’t talking to you”
Me: “idc don’t disrespect her , she’s a woman”
He: he starts laughing “yo shut up B**ch , you and your beat up shoes. You over here tryna act like a man. It was just a compliment.”
Me: “you think you’re a man , over here disrespecting a woman. You ain’t
At that moment I’m so heated up that I turn around, grab my girl and start walking away. As I’m walking away he keeps and talking and the other 2 men join him and one of them says “Go home and put on a dress, you’re a woman”……….

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Don’t Wanna “Talk,” Just Wanna Go Home

I frequently drive home very late after work and find street parking. I had parked and was walking alone along 3rd Ave, then my block, at about 1am Monday. A man yelled to me from the corner to get my attention and indicated he wanted to “talk.” I looked back but kept walking, as I didn’t want to engage. He chased me up the block and yelled, “I just want to talk. You’re so beautiful.” I said, “Leave me alone, stop following me.” “But you’re so beautiful!” Etc ad nauseam. I ran into my building.

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A man in a suit in a Mercedes drove slowly along next to me as I walked up 10th Street from 3rd Avenue to the F train. I was dressed professionally and in heels since I was on my way to a job interview. He told me I looked amazing and asked me to get coffee. I said, “No thanks,” and kept walking. He persisted, all the way up the block: “How about dinner?” “No.” “Can I have your phone number?” “Again, no.” No amount of saying “no” could shut him down. I had to race to the station to lose him.

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Lisa’s Story: “Everyone deserves to be able to walk on the street unmolested.”

I was born and raised in NY until I moved to Phoenix at 15. I was harassed everywhere I went from the time I was walking in the streets on my own which started as young as 7. From whistles and catcalls, to guys coming up to me and following, to the occasional guy wanking off in a car, I was always paid attention to when out. Contrary to the popular belief that revealing clothing basically has us begging for attention, this was in the early 90’s when my clothes consisted of beyond baggy jeans, t-shirts and sweaters. I developed severe social anxiety disorder. My legs would shake in public, I would have heart palpitations, sweat profusely, and had some light hyperventilation. My self esteem plummeted, and even today, 20 years later, I struggle with it. My anxiety lessened to a tolerable degree only after many years of living in Phoenix without the amped up sexual attention I received in NY, but I will never be completely free of it. Everyone deserves to be able to walk on the street unmolested.

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Jennie’s Story: Fed Up!

This just happened to me an hour or so ago. It is now 4:58 a.m. The upstairs downtown platform was blocked off, so I went downstairs to take the 4 train to Brooklyn, where I live. I ran down the stairs trying to catch the train, but the doors closed just as I reached the bottom step. I had 19 mins. before the next train came. So this guy flounced next to me on the bench where I was sitting an waiting for the train. To make a long story short, and after telling me how he wanted to fuck me, he brought my attention to his erection in his pants!! I was shocked and stood up right away with my umbrella. I replied things like you CANNOT treat a woman like this! I went on to tell him how angry he was making me, and threatened him with violence (I was literally “seeing red,” and since I’m a rape survivor, I had somewhat of a sick flashback..) He was drunk, and couldn’t believe that I wasn’t ok with his insane behaviour! I tell you, I was so shocked and angry that I literally did not know what to do, other than to get very loud and embarass him. He wanted me to lower my voice, but I kept yelling at him and calling him a little bitch and a pervert! Two men were watching this, and did nothing, and some couple was too busy talking to notice. I told him I had been in jail before and was not afraid of knocking him out. He sure changed his tune then, and got very upset and eventually walked away, looking quite disgusted with MY behaviour in response to his gross sexual advances! My heart was pounding, and I couldn’t believe what just happened. Stuff like this HAS happened way too many times to me in the recent past, and I am FED UP!!

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I was walking down 2nd Ave after work. A guy leaned out of a truck and yelled “damn girl!”.

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Bianca’s Story: I don’t like being called baby

Sunday night around 8 p.m., had just parked my car and was walking down the block to get home. This guy, who may have been drunk, said “Hey baby” as he passed by me in the opposite direction. The following exchange ensued:
Me: Excuse me?
Him: I said ‘hey baby.’
Me: I don’t like being called baby. Please don’t do that.
Him: I mean it as respect.
Me: I don’t like it. Don’t do it.
Him, now infuriated: Do you think you’re high class or something?
Me, as I turned around to keep walking home: Fuck off.
Him: You’re fucking garbage.
Then we both just kept walking in opposite directions, I yelled at him to fuck off again and he kept shouting at me and laughing as he went the opposite way.

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Kate’s Story: What do they expect?

I was walking to a friends place after getting off the Myrtle-Wyckoff L stop and there was an older man wearing a MTA beanie standing by a bus (that I assume he was taking a break from driving) and smoking. I met his eyes for a second and then he made kissing noises at me as I walked by.

What do they expect when they do things like this?

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Jack’s Story: I froze, I was terrified

I was on my way to Penn Station because I was visiting family for the weekend. At Canal, a clearly intoxicated and rough-looking man boarded the train. The way this guy carried himself and swung his bag around screamed that he was dangerous. I noticed that he started looking at a woman who was seated next to me (I was standing in front of one of the doors). I started readying myself to say something. He started talking to her, saying the usual things. Eventually he started screaming at her and throwing himself around menacingly. I froze. I was terrified. Fortunately, another guy intervened and forced him from train at the next stop.

I am so ashamed that I couldn’t bring myself to do something.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Homophobe Yells From Car

Thursday 6:29pm.
Male driver threatened me by honking and moving his car towards me while I walked east in crosswalk of Newtown Av on north side of 30th Av before 33rd St.
As he drove within inches of me he yelled out “Asshole Faggot!”
He watched me heading to the entrance towards Key Food and yelled “I’ll be waiting for you when you get out!”
I took out my phone and took a picture of his car and license plate, telling him “I’m calling the police now!”
He drove away.

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