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Denyse’s Story: 6 Train

Constant harassment on the 6 train during rush hour getting off at GCT. Men think its okay to rub up on you as well as force you to move extremely close to them to get off the train. Needless to say its an extremely crowded time on the train but you know when its being done on purpose when they look at you and smile. Also the men spread there legs so wide when you need to sit so that they can touch you. Its gotten really bad on the trains I must say a constant headache and creepy uncomfortable feeling.

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Emily’s Story: “They’re actually making me feel worse about myself by calling me a thing.”

I was on my way to work around 7 in the morning. I had just gotten off the train near Brooklyn to transfer onto another train like usual, I sat down near the doors so I could avoid getting pushed by everyone trying to get off at once when a man stood right in front of me and stared at me. I looked down at my phone texting a friend of mine about the way he was staring at me and wouldn’t stop. Slowly he got closer to the point where his lower half was a few feet from my face with his hand on the bar. There was a lot of space around where he could stand and there was even at least three seats open. But instead he chose to stand in front of me and look at me. He said, “hey there pretty thing.” And wouldn’t leave me alone as he continued saying things, still staring at me like, “where are you going to early?” Or, “do you need some company?” It really hurts me how almost every man thinks that they’re complimenting me when they’re actually making me feel worse about myself by calling me a thing.

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Barbara’s Story: “It was morning, before 8am, and I walked down a quiet street to my job.”

For many years I have experienced verbal harassment, even physical assault when I tried to defend myself, but the most recent experience was two summers ago on my way to work. It was morning, before 8am, and I walked down a quiet street to my job. I heard running foot steps behind me. I thought it was a runner. I was about to walk to the side to let the runner pass when I felt someone grab my rear end. So many things passed through my mind within a split second; “is this someone I know?,” “but how could that be I know no one who would grab me like that as a joke,” and so on. When I turned around it was a man and he said “damn you have a fat ass.” I pushed him and he asked what was wrong with me. What was wrong with me? I yelled back at him “what’s wrong with me? you grabbed my ass, asshole” He ran away. I was so scared. I shook all over, no one was around to help me, no one saw. I had walked down a quiet street in what was supposedly a “good neighborhood.” Needless to say, I never walked down that street again, day or night, alone.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Truck Driver to Cyclist

This man relentlessly cat called me in midtown traffic while I was in a cab next to his truck. It was about five minutes of continuous attempts to get my attention.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Violation

Just going to the bar to get a drink and some creep thinks it’s okay to put his hands all over my ass.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Relentless

Can’t even buy groceries without being yelled at.

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assault, stalking, verbal

Skylar’s Story: A Poem

I’m not your honey
Your babe or your boo
I’m on my way to work
Got me a job to get to
So why are you yelling
These ‘compliments’ at me
And why am I ungrateful
I mean c’mon, seriously
You’re being so explicit
With what you’d like to do
And I’m meant to play along
And accept your leering too
But see, here’s the thing
It’s not flattering to me
Intimidating, yes
Disrespectful, definitely
Oh, now I’m a bitch
‘Cos I’m not joining in your game
If I was your daughter
Would you still say the same
What gives you the right
To be so nasty and so crude
Can’t you see it’s not nice
Just unwelcome and damn rude
But seriously, enlighten me
I want to understand
Does this help you feel good
Make you more of a man
Does seeing me embarrassed
Add some humour to your day
Is intimidating women
A victory in some way
I’m not asking for attention
Simply walking down the street
So why are you behaving
Like you’re totally on heat
I’m not here for your amusement
I’m not your plaything, nor your ho
My status and my destination
Are not things you need to know
Can we stop with the insults
Say goodbye to the abuse
I’m intelligent and smart
I’ve got a brain I like to use
Stop, wait a second
Please think before you speak
Quit adding to the cat calls
I’ve been hearing them all week
It’s not only me
That hears the words
That you shout
The boy walking behind me
Heard the holler you put out
He’s not quite yet seven
But he’s the next generation
He’s taking it all in
Getting a street education
He’s learning it’s ok
To taunt females as they pass
To tell them, ‘hey there baby,
I want a piece of that ass’
Guys, you can do better
You can change this
Pave the way
Stop adding to the heckles
Let us go about our day
Consider what you say
Before your words hit the air
Be the good example
Leave the sexist jibes right there

I've got your back!

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Running Late To Work…

Running (literally) late to work; dude (late 20s) says good morning to friend/acquaintance twice his age, then asks me, “hey what’s up”; older friend/acquaintance (late 50s/early 60s) checks me out.

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groping, stalking, verbal


I am a black female who’s experienced street harassment for my weight and style of dress for almost 20 yrs. I’ve had insults yelled at me even from cars and from across streets, laughter, oinking/mooing sounds, being told to “get my fat ass out the way” by drivers in motion and having objects thrown at me. Aside from that I’ve encountered lewd comments being stated or yelled at me, being followed and having my hand/arm grabbed!

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“I Hope this Program Raises Awareness and Strength to Stand Up.”

Walking to my job before 7 I always pass a group of men waiting at their construction site and have never had an issue. Last week walking by a man asked me to “Shake it for him mami” and when I kept walking (faster away) he said “Fine! Whatever it’s a compliment” to which I finally felt confident enough to repy a loud “FUCK OFF” back to him.

I hope this program raises awareness and strength to stand up

I've got your back!

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