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Yelled At

I was out walking with my friend. A passenger in a dark green sedan leaned out of the car window and screamed “bitch” at us, and then continued speeding down James Street. The car was driving recklessly.

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Harassed in the Train Station

While walking to my train, a man walking by was swinging his arm grabbed my crotch. I yelled after him and he just shrugged.

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Ruined my Walk

I’m studying for the bar exam and to say I am stressed and exhausted is a gigantic understatement. I went for a walk to get a juice and some fresh air, and as I’m walking down the street, this guy comes up really close and waves at me. I sorta ducked and moved away. Then I hear him make kissy noises behind me. Disgusting. Ruined my walk.

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Story, verbal

I had the right of way

I was trying to cross the intersection at East 51st and 3rd Avenue. A man in a black car was blocking the crosswalk when the traffic light changed. I attempted to cross the street when I technically had the right of way. He stepped on the gas and quickly braked and then honked angrily at me. I flipped him off because he had almost run me over. He waited for me to finish crossing the street before he rolled his window down and shouted out “suck my cock, bitch!” It was loud enough for everyone on both sides of the intersection to hear and everyone turned to look.

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Don’t Touch Me

These men were hanging out in front of a deli on the corner of 107th and Amsterdam. One was wearing a hat and put his face in front of mine while I was walking and said something obscene. His actions made me feel like he intended to touch me.

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Harassed on the way home

Walking from the train station to my apartment building, only two blocks away, 2 men made kissy sounds and calling me “mami” 2 separate times. Both men were middle aged, one was riding down the street on a bike. I am certain that I was not the only person he harassed.

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Story, verbal

I don’t want to smile

On the corner as I walk home there is frequently a group of young men hanging out. Several times as I passed I’ve had “Hey, beautiful’s” etc. Today I was walking to the store, and was harassed by another man, “Hey gorgeous! How you doin’?” I felt so frustrated by it! So as I walked back from the store, through this throng of young men and one said, “Hey, gorgeous.” I ignored it. He then to me said, “Smile, you should smile.”

WHAT IS IT WITH MEN TELLING WOMEN TO SMILE!? It’s not my job to smile at you! I don’t care if you want me to smile! And you shouldn’t command me to do so!

I stopped, turned around, looked him in the eye, and said, “Please don’t do that.”

He responded with, “What, tell you you’re gorgeous? Okay. I can’t pay you a compliment?”

I stated again, “Please, just don’t do that.”

His other friend started to jump in. But then, to my surprise another young man in the group intervened and started apologizing profusely and told his friends to back off. I was so grateful to him. I thanked him. Then I went home and cried a little from all the frustration of having to deal with this every day. I’m also a little scared to walk by my corner again, but I refuse to deal with this constant harassment!

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Story, verbal

Harassed by Teenagers

Walked by two boys, I believe teenage, who started speaking to me (I believe in Spanish, which I unfortunately don’t speak) and gesturing at their crotches while sort of trapping me between them and a tree. I slipped by and flipped them off, at which point they began yelling “stick it up your ass, no wait, I’ll stick my dick up your ass” (in English) and more as I walked away, and I could still hear them after half a block.

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Exposing Himself

I am a 17 year old girl. I was waiting for the train at around 5:00 at the Whitehall/South Ferry Uptown R Station. I was with my sister (17) and friend (16). A middle-aged man, about 5’5″ with a flattish nose and crew cut wearing black dress pants was standing near us on the platform and was kind of giving me a weird vibe, but I brushed it off since he seemed to be only trying to make eye contact or catch mine/our attention. Eventually, when the train pulled in I happened to look down and noticed he had his entire penis and one testicle coming out of the fly of his pants. I was very shaken immediately and had no time to react since I was scared and the train had pulled in so I just ran down to a farther car and motioned frantically for my sister and friend to follow me, since they had not experienced what I did and had no idea why I had run down the platform. After I got on the train I was afraid he would too but I saw him walking down the platform, he made eye contact with me before the train pulled away. It’s easy to think about what you would do if this situation happened to you but it is not easy at all to react once it does happen.

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Story, verbal

Women Are People Too

I was walking home around 10:30pm. There is a group of around 6-8 men who normally hang out after dark just before my house.

I was across the street around 15 feet away from them and one of the older men, maybe in his 40’s yelled, “Hey Girl! Over there! If you would turn around! If you would just turn around for 5 seconds, 10 seconds, let me look at you. I bet your pussy smells good. It would be all up in my face aaalll day!”

I get home late at night and that same group of guys is always hanging out. There is one in particular who has some especially vulgar things to say to us young women who pass by; it doesn’t matter what side of the street you walk down.

It’s almost as if they don’t want you to feel safe or respected as a woman late at night. It’s like they’re testing you to see how far they can harass you and how you will respond.

I think this mindset is ridiculous. What makes it okay for an older man who is supposed to be a role model to react to a young female in an obscene way? I feel this man is a predator and not a single man in the group spoke up. I deserve to feel safe regardless of where my neighborhood is located.

Young women on the street are not fair game for obscenity, vulgar comments and disrespectful behavior. There needs to be a law that holds these men accountable for their behavior.

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