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Don’t Touch Me

These men were hanging out in front of a deli on the corner of 107th and Amsterdam. One was wearing a hat and put his face in front of mine while I was walking and said something obscene. His actions made me feel like he intended to touch me.

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Harassed on the way home

Walking from the train station to my apartment building, only two blocks away, 2 men made kissy sounds and calling me “mami” 2 separate times. Both men were middle aged, one was riding down the street on a bike. I am certain that I was not the only person he harassed.

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On my way to work

I was walking to work and a man said “hi baby, you got some nice titties.”

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Holla:On the Go Groping Story

I was groped by a young boy, about 12 years old, after refusing to give him money to support his basketball team.

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Violated on the subway

Today was Mother’s Day. I was riding the subway back from Times Square with my mom and my little cousin. A man was standing very close to me and right before his stop he tried to grab my vagina through my skirt. I was in shock. The only thing I did was yell. I am so mad at myself for not punching him in the face. Clearly he thought that this was okay but it is not okay at all. Now he will do this to another girl because I did nothing about it. I am so mad at myself.

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Unwanted Reveal

A complete stranger flashed his private parts to me.

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Leah’s Story: Notes From the Second Wave

I’m 70 years old and I still get harassing comments and looks. But I’m writing to you because I love the idea of Hollaback! I am a second wave feminist (with a listing in Barbara Love’s book “Feminists who Changed America, 1963-1975”) and around 1970-71 I organized the “Offensive Defense Unit” to fight against street harassment in New Haven CT. On one street the particular offenders were a barber shop and a fire station. We went in to confront the barber shop and the response was ridicule–nothing changed (and we think it was a mafia establishment) but we went to talk to the firemen and they were actually responsive in a good way. Ultimately we ended up also demonstrating in front of Mory’s, the Yale Club that was men only at that time–Yale didn’t accept women students until 1969. That was nearly 45 years ago. It’s shocking that nothing has changed in 45 years. Thanks for taking this on–its inspiring.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: A Note of Appreciation

I am utterly fed up with street harassment in every way. I’m sick of both experiencing it firsthand, and seeing it happen EVERY DAY to other women (and young girls). It’s especially frustrating on my walk to work, to earn money that is heavily taxed for a government that is not doing enough to combat it. Hollaback! is absolutely brilliant- I look forward to the future!

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HOLLA ON THE GO: 42 years of harassment

I’m 54. Every time I’ve left home since the summer before I turned 12, that’s 42 years, every time I’ve ventured outside left I’ve been verbally harassed.
You’d think it would go away? Nope.
In my 20s I got more flak when in a suit than in spandex.
These days no suits, but the unwanted attention never flags.

I don’t often confront the jerks, but sometimes I’ll stop and call them potty mouths or ask if their mothers know what they’re up to, or just tell them to drop dead.

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NYC Anti-Street Harassment Rally : April 5th!

Join us for this year’s NYC Anti-Street Harassment Rally!


What: The rally against street harassment is part of international anti-street harassment week (March 30-April 5). The event will be hosted by La Roka and will include 20 speakers, mini-workshops on self-defense, wheat-pasting, bystander intervention, and a chalk walk. We’ll also being unveiling a new public art project: a 12 foot tall “cat against catcalls,” that will be placed in high density harassment areas following the rally.


Who: The event is co-hosted by 44 organizations including Hollaback!, an international movement working to end street harassment (, Arab American Association of New York, BABE, Betty’s Daughter Arts Collaborative, bklyn boihood, Bronx AIDS Services (DBA-BOOM!) Health, Center Against Domestic Violence Center for Anti-Violence Education, Community Driven Solutions, CONNECT, Don’t Harass Me, Bro, Feminist Dialogue, GEMS, Girl Be Heard, Let Your Voice Be Heard! Radio, Mount Sinai SAVI Program, National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum, Price of Silence, Sakhi, Sayfty, Soapbox, Inc: Speakers Who Speak Out, Sydnie L. Mosley Dances, The Feminist Society at NYU, Trans Women of Color Collective of Greater NY, Violence Intervention program, Women In Media & News, Young Feminists & Allies, Virtual NOW Chapter, YWCA of Brooklyn, STEPS to End Family Violence, New York City Anti-Violence Project, NYAWC, Brooklyn-Queens NOW, Gotham Girls Roller Derby, Safe Horizon, Councilmember Lander, Councilmember Palma, Girls for Gender Equity, Move the Fuck Over Bro, NOW-NYC, NYC Alliance Against Sexual Assault, Stop Street Harassment, Stop Telling Women to Smile, Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls, Women’s Institute for Freedom of the Press, The Applied Theatre Collective, and Councilmember Levin.


Where: New York City, Washington Square Park, Garibaldi Square (east of the fountain).


When: April 5th, 2014, from 1-2pm. Speakers (1-2pm), mini-workshops (2-2:30), and chalk walk (2:30-3).


Live tweet the event: #endSHnyc


We can’t wait to see you there!  RVSP on Facebook for updates!


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