HOLLA ON THE GO: Every single day

I get cat called and lewd comments walking by this construction site. I now walk across the street which I shouldn’t have to do. It’s not like assault of course but it’s endless and makes me scared for what they do to women in less public settings. Very disturbing and makes me feel powerless.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Say thank you when you get a compliment

One morning (this was last summer) I woke up and threw on whatever clothes were lying on my chair to go to the deli across the street to get coffee – a big grey sweater, shorts, and boots. As I left my apartment, I passed the same two older men who are always sitting there in the same spot on their folding chairs outside a refrigerator repair shop, leering at women as they pass, saying this or that under their breath with a half cocked smile and a glance to their friends as they smugly chuckle. I felt their eyes on my that morning and I thought so help me god, EVERY time I leave my home – I’m so sick of this.

Lo and behold, one of them called “Hey mama, you look like Brooke Shields.”

I turned around and overtly rolled my eyes at him, continuing to walk down the sidewalk and about the cross the street.

He yelled back at me, “Hey! You say thank you when I give you a compliment!”

I felt myself snapping and I whipped back around and yelled “No! I don’t have to say anything to you!” I turned back and realized the light was red so there was nowhere I could go. I felt them both staring at me, their lips curling with anger, especially because a few other people on the sidewalk had heard me and were sort of watching out of the corner of their eye.

“Get the fuck out of here,” the other one yelled. “Go back to Iowa, bitch.” (I guess because I was wearing boots…? Good one…)

Eventually the light turned green and I went to the deli. But all I could think was, why did I do that? These people know where I live, they know who I am, it’s not that hard to just enter my walkup building after someone else who has a key is going in, now I’m going to see them every day until I move and what if they decide to show me I shouldn’t have talked back?

I still do see them every day and they give me these bone chilling looks of scathing disgust. All of the guys in my building think that they’re such great characters, out there in their wife beaters smoking cigarettes and feeding the birds and welding refrigerators in the middle of the sidewalk while Spanish ballads blast from the basement of their shop, and it strikes me to what extent we live in such a different world.

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A few weeks ago, I was on the 7 train heading from Manhattan to queens when a man in sweatpants kept smiling at me on the train. At one point he came very close to me and smiled and said something. I took out my headphones and he asked the time. Both myself and the woman next to me said the time and he smiled very close to my face. At the next stop, the woman got up from next to me and he sat down and put his hand on my thigh. I quickly got up and moved to the center of the car. No one in the train did anything. I moved to the next car at the next stop and I believe he noticed me. He also got off at the same stop that I did, but I walked quickly and lost him. I did not report it.

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Kids need to be educated

In high school, people are constantly made fun for being gay and are called extremely offensive terms such as the “f” word for gay men. They are outed by their peers, such as are talked about as being “such a f……”

This is unacceptable to the LGBT+ community.

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Don’t Touch Me

These men were hanging out in front of a deli on the corner of 107th and Amsterdam. One was wearing a hat and put his face in front of mine while I was walking and said something obscene. His actions made me feel like he intended to touch me.

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Harassed on the way home

Walking from the train station to my apartment building, only two blocks away, 2 men made kissy sounds and calling me “mami” 2 separate times. Both men were middle aged, one was riding down the street on a bike. I am certain that I was not the only person he harassed.

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On my way to work

I was walking to work and a man said “hi baby, you got some nice titties.”

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Holla:On the Go Groping Story

I was groped by a young boy, about 12 years old, after refusing to give him money to support his basketball team.

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Violated on the subway

Today was Mother’s Day. I was riding the subway back from Times Square with my mom and my little cousin. A man was standing very close to me and right before his stop he tried to grab my vagina through my skirt. I was in shock. The only thing I did was yell. I am so mad at myself for not punching him in the face. Clearly he thought that this was okay but it is not okay at all. Now he will do this to another girl because I did nothing about it. I am so mad at myself.

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Unwanted Reveal

A complete stranger flashed his private parts to me.

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