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January 17, 2020

HOLLA ON THE GO: Peered out…

Peered out the window of my usual train as it pulled out of my usual subway station to witness a man waggling his penis around with his hand, perhaps jerking off, perhaps practicing semaphore signs. Not a particularly charming sight, I can tell you that.
November 4, 2019

HOLLA ON THE GO: Walking around…

Walking around my community a man comes out his Apt. I am picking up after my dog, he say to me "you need to talk to me and speak, answer me when I talked to you" by then he is in my personal space. I SAY GET AWAY I WILL CALL THE POLICE ,! He said, "If you call the Police you will be sorry". I go into my building…
October 5, 2019

HOLLA ON THE GO: Yelling and…

My mother has been walking her 4 month old puppy down Chapel street for a couple of weeks now. She always picks up after him and is always mindful of making him walk on the road. Today a man around his early 20s(possibly around 18 or 19) came out of his house berating her and saying how she shouldn't let her dog walk in the road. Calling the dog, whistling…


Bystander Intervention Training Webinar

In the wake of the 2016 presidential election, you’ve come forward to tell us about how the rise in harassment and violence in the U.S. is impacting you on And yet we have also heard from you a desire to rise up, speak out, and intervene when you see harassment happening. That’s why we’re … Continued

Week in our shoes

Hey Hollas! It’s been a week of action and recovery here at HQ, and we’ve shifted into high gear to respond and react to our new political climate. Election Day was over a week ago but its effects still linger, and we’ve been moving forward as best we can with some wonderful partner organizations along … Continued