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Boerum Hill
August 7, 2021

Public Harassment: Followed around the subway…

I was standing on the platform waiting for the train when I noticed a man staring at me. It made me uncomfortable so I walked further down the platform to distance myself. He followed me down the platform until he got within one foot of my face and was staring as hard as he could at my eyes. I asked him to stop following me and he said “following you??…
August 3, 2021

Public Harassment: Catcalled in front of…

Was on vacation with my family. Group of young looking guys stops at an intersection when we’re about to cross and one of them yells, “I’m going to fuck your daughter” at me and my family while I’m walking. I’m still feeling embarrassed, ashamed, and angry. My mom told me she was sorry and that it happens and my dad just didn’t say anything at all, I guess not knowing…
Prospect Lefferts Gardens
July 11, 2021

Public Harassment: Man touching his penis.

Was on the downtown 3 train this afternoon and this man sat down to next to me while I was reading my book , I noticed that he was touching himself oddly but didn't see his penis at this time , it was only until I got up from my seat to get off at times Square that I saw he was touching his penis underneath this bag, I immediately…


Bystander Intervention Training Webinar

In the wake of the 2016 presidential election, you’ve come forward to tell us about how the rise in harassment and violence in the U.S. is impacting you on And yet we have also heard from you a desire to rise up, speak out, and intervene when you see harassment happening. That’s why we’re … Continued

Week in our shoes

Hey Hollas! It’s been a week of action and recovery here at HQ, and we’ve shifted into high gear to respond and react to our new political climate. Election Day was over a week ago but its effects still linger, and we’ve been moving forward as best we can with some wonderful partner organizations along … Continued