Kimberly’s story: Creepy cops

I was walking towards the Times Square Shuttle in Grand Central when a police officer made the hither motion towards me. I recognized look of objectification on his face but thought surely because he was a police officer that this was not the case. Of course, I was wrong and he proceeded to ask me if I was in a relationship and when I told him yes, he then asked for how long. At the time I was with by boyfriend for 6 months and told him. He and his partner then proceeded to to tell me that my relationship was too new to be serious. After a few more words between us I bid the two police officers fare well and to my annoyance I’d missed my train. I wish I could go back in time and had told them that it is not ok for them to use their position of power to harass women. Obviously if a police officer calls you over you are going to oblige. I should have taken down both officers’ badge numbers and reported them.