Kate’s Story: Demeaning

I was waiting for the uptown C train at 155th street, to go to the CUMC campus to do homework. A man approached me, asking if the train went to 168th street and how many stops it took. I gave him the information, being as short as possible, because I hate when people talk to me when I am waiting for the train. He says thank you, and says that I’m pretty and walks away. A few moments later, I see someone quickly approaching me through my peripherals. I turn to look, and it seemed that they were wearing tan pants. As they got closer,I saw it was the same man as before, with NO pants, masturbating with the most disgusting, repulsive and creepy look on his face. I screamed, ran upstairs, and reported the incident to the station attendant, who contacted the police. I waited until after a few trains went, and other people were present to get onto the train. It was such a horrifying and demeaning experience. I wish I had been able to take his picture.