Heather’s story: Greetings From Greenpoint!

I have been out of touch for a while but today I met a chap I thought you would like to share with your readers. I made his acquaintance on Manhattan Avenue this afternoon— and ended up learning more about his private life than I cared to know.

To predicate: I strike up/participate in a number of conversations while pounding north Brooklyn’s streets. Not only do I enjoy meeting my neighbors face to face, but this is a rather vital means of gather intelligence/content for my site. And today I learned some rather interesting (and highly personal) information from this fellow. Namely that he was planning on doing some pounding of his own.

After inquiring as to whether I was on drugs or in need of them (No thanks, I’m quite “off” as is.) my new friend confided the following:

You know what I am going to do when I get home? “Choke the chicken”. While thinking of you.

That’s when I took the attached photograph of this charmer. Follows is what he had to say about this turn of events:

So what are you going to do? Send it to the police and have me arrested?

To answer his question: I DID send it to the police. In fact, I sent it directly to our commanding officer so he can have it handy lest he/our Finest get(s) any (more) complaints about this horndog’s avocation of choice.

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