Hollaback Against Campus Harassment: The campaign starts today!

Campus harassment has probably existed since the advent of higher education, but today it is at epic proportions:  62% of women and 61% of men report being sexually harassed on college campuses [AAUW, 2005]. To learn more, click here.

Over the last seven years we have received hundreds of stories. Here is one of those stories, from a young college student named Jamie:

“My freshman year I was walking to the bus stop. As I walked by one of the dorms, a pickup truck with four guys inside pulled up next to me with its windows rolled down. The guy in the passenger seat yelled “my buddy here wants to take you out back and rape you!”

Jamie’s story is not unique, and unfortunatly, neither is the guy who harassed her.  Over 50% of college men admit to harassing their female counterparts [AAUW, 2005].  This isn’t just a few creepy guys — campus harassment is in the water, and it’s having an indelible impact on students. In the words of Jamie,

“When the truck was out of sight I realized what had just happened… I started shaking and crying and dialed my best friend right away.  Over a year later this still plays over and over in my head. I was dressed in baggy sweats but I’m sure that the moment they noticed my gender, they made me a victim.

Enough is enough: the time to put an end to campus harassment is long overdue. At Hollaback!, we’re taking a bold leap to bring the Hollaback! movement to ten college campuses over the next year.  We want to invite you to be a part of our work. Together, we can make harassment on campuses a thing of the past and make sure that future college students will not have to go through what Jamie did. 

Our goal of raising $25,000 before June 13th is underway. If you believe that college campuses should be places of learning, and that no one should have to be afraid to walk to their dorm, dining hall or library, join us. We can’t do this without you .

Whether you give a little a lot, your donation matters. With every donation made to this campaign, our generous Board of Directors will match it 1:1, so if you donate $25, it’s really $50. Also, with donations of $10 and above, you get awesome HOLLAswag! Please visit the campaign site to watch a short video and to donate.

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