Maria’s Story: “Why am I going to let this guy get away with that?”

I always go for a walk in the morning on the weekends in Central park and I went to walk my mother to work at the Jewish Home hospital. I noticed this young guy mid twenties on his cell phone but think nothing of it. When I kiss my mom goodbye I walk towards central park but I could feel someone behind me ( I’m super paranoid and don’t like it when I feel someone is walking too close). I turn around and this guy was right behind me with his penis out. I ran!!! I screamed “what the F%*%!!!”

I was going to continue with my walk but I was so shaken and thought,  “Why am I going to let this guy get away with that?” So I went back trying to pinpoint his location and sure enough he crossed the street pretending to be on the phone again. I called the cops gave them a description and location. I could see him across the street looking at me and I looked at him right back with my phone in hand. He apparently got nervous and entered one of the buildings across from the Jewish Home and disappeared. I went to the Jewish home and reported the guy and his description to the hospital. Although I did not get a picture of him because I was so scared and caught off guard but I will make sure to snap a picture next time I spot him and report him to the police again!