HOLLA ON THE GO: 12 times in 25 minutes

I’m 13, and I’ve been cat-called too many times to remember. I’ve been told that I should just dress differently, or that “I don’t know how to take a compliment.” I know how to take a compliment. But I know that when a grown man says he “wants my pussy” or calls me “baby”, that it is not a compliment, IT IS HARASSMENT. Just a couple days ago I was walking to the subway, it was cold and I was wearing a turtle neck, jeans, and sneakers. The only skin showing was my face and my hands, I knew there was no way that anyone could argue my outfit was “too sexual”. Over the course of 25 minutes, I was cat-called 12 times. I knew I wasn’t an object, I knew I didn’t deserve to be treated like one. So I turned around. I was ready to scream all the things I was thinking, I was ready to fight back. But when I saw his face I knew it wasn’t a matter of me expressing myself, I knew it was a matter my safety, I knew this man was capable of doing much more than just verbally abusing me. So until any man that tells me I am “over reacting”, has felt the utter fear of not being able to fight back when you feel like an object, until they turn around and feel suffocated because they know that if they say anything they will be attacked I will not take their opinions as valid.