Hollaback!’s statement and commitment following the Women’s March in DC

On January 21st, members of the Hollaback! staff will be marching in DC and NYC. We are marching for the right to free and equal public spaces for all – a right that has been historically denied and continues to be denied to many throughout the history of the United States.

In the wake of the election, we have seen a marked rise in racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, sexist, and transphobic harassment, often elevating into violence. These acts of violence have always existed and been resisted. However, many people throughout America (and the world) have been emboldened to publicly discriminate and incite violence as a direct result of the current political discourse. We must stand against these incidences of hate.

We are marching on the 21st in solidarity with those who are denied equal access to public spaces. However, we acknowledge recent and long-standing criticisms of the March, from its naming appropriation to the silencing and dismissal of critiques from women of color. We recognize the opportunity to amplify the voices of individuals who have decided not to participate, whether because of their mental health, concerns about the march, access, their trust in governing bodies, their safety, and their personal experiences and histories – and we support those who have chosen to do so. We acknowledge that the right to protest is a privilege denied to many, particularly those facing increased risks.

Hollaback! is committed to fighting for the right to equal access to public spaces – recognizing that women of color, trans and gender non conforming individuals, migrants, undocumented individuals, and sex workers are disproportionately targeted for harassment, and often face police, governmental, and personal violence when advocating for their right to exist in public space. We are fighting for this right on the 21st and we will continue fighting for every day that follows. We are currently training our 14th class of activists on the ground to organize against harassment, holding bi-weekly bystander intervention trainings to train individuals on how to safely and effectively intervene when they witness harassment happening, and advocating against harassment around the world.

We’ve got your back – and we’ll be here organizing, resisting, and fighting alongside you – today and all days.

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