My Engagement Ring Shouldn’t Be Armor

I was only walking about 6 blocks from the 6th Ave L train stop to a restaurant on Greenwich Ave to meet some friends. In the span of those six blocks, I was hit on by a total of five different men. One was in a group, and there was another that followed me two blocks. This was ACTUAL catcalling, not simply saying “hello”. Very in my face and some sexual. The only thing that got them to leave me alone was me holding up my left hand with my engagement ring on it. I had to spend $20 on a Lyft to get home to avoid further incidents like that. Situations like these arise all the time, and I am very uncomfortable with the fact that waving a diamond ring in their face, (which my fiancĂ© worked very hard to save up for), is my only defense. How long before one of these men physically attacks me or tries to steal my ring? I am also tired of having to spend so much money on car services just for the sake of my safety.