“I’m tired! I’m tired! I’m tired!”

I am a 53 years old woman and for decades I have been dealing with street harassment, and just this past Sunday I lost my composure when this man literally called me a piece of meat. He actually thought it was ok to say, “Where did you get all that hamburger from?” I initially ignored him and walked into the grocery store. He then came in behind me, saw me in the aisle and repeated himself. I told him nicely, “sir that is disrespectful.” His response was, “no it’s not”. There was an exchange of words for a moment then he said to me… “If you don’t want anyone to say that to you then stay in the house.” That was it! I lost my composure and let him know exactly what I thought about him and his disgusting comment and it wasn’t pleasant.

I’ve had enough of this blatant sexual street harassment. I mean really, what’s going to happen next… a physical assault, a groping, rape? I am angry and ready to fight! I deal with this everyday and try to combat what I hear by walking around with headphones on, even though i don’t want to. I cringe each time I walk pass men because I never know what’s going to come out of their mouths. This was the first street harassment incident that took me over the edge. That man walked out of the store like a dog with his tail tucked between his legs by the time I finished saying what i needed to say. I thank God that it didnt go another way because things could’ve gotten physical.

I should not have to go home to check myself to make sure that I was dressed appropriately, like it was my fault. I’m tired! I’m tired! I’m tired! Everyone has the right to walk on the street without fear of being harassed.