“I was uncomfortable for the rest of the day.”

[Title: Someone Waited For Me Outside a Bagel Shop]

It was early in the morning and I went to get a bagel before heading to the movies. A man walking on the avenue, noticed me walking down 66th street and watched me. I ignored it and continued, turning onto the avenue only to notice he went into the bagel shop I was headed to. He turned around to see me walking that way before going inside. I continued anyway, in a bit of a rush. He ordered and left ahead of me with no comment. Bagel in hand I rushed out of the shop, only to pause for a passerby. This is when I see someone – the same man – on my right, stand from the bench he was sitting on and approach me. “In a rush out of here, aren’t you?” I didn’t say anything and kept moving. He walked with me for a bit and got very close and said, “I like your curls.” (about my brown curly hair) I gave him the most disgusted look I could and walked quickly away. Luckily, he didn’t touch me, or follow me further. Never in my life have I experienced someone WAITING for me, just to make a comment. I was uncomfortable for the rest of the day. Street harassment is not okay!!