Stranger endangering my life in Ridgewood, Queens

I grew up in Ridgewood, Queens and never have I ever experienced what I experienced December 8th, 2017. I was going to visit my stepmother who lives in Ridgewood, I journeyed all the way from the Bronx. I was coming out of L train and was going up the stairs to the leave Myrtle Ave Wyckoff station. This big build white guy with a bright orange coat, blue sweatpants with a red lining and dirty blonde hair caught my attention because he pushed me with his body against the stairs. I started to walk slowly to deter any interaction with him. He noticed and began to walk slowly right in front of me and kept glancing back at me and I tried to avoid his eyes. I couldn’t pass because he was really wide and tall. When I could finally pass I started to walk fast and started walking up the stairs out of the station. As I was walking fast he started to follow my pace and walked ahead of me looking back at me constantly. Again I slowed down as I was confused and scared that he was playing some mental game with me. As I was walking up the stairs slowly he turned around multiple times to look at me with an angry face, as soon as we got to the top of the stairs which was next to a planet fitness (address: 329 Myrtle Ave Wyckoff, Ridgewood, NYC 11385) he looked me directly in my face about 3 inches away and I said “yes” do you need something? He said “who the fuck do you think you’re talking to? I said” never mind and he said “bitch shut the fuck up”, I said whatever and began to walk away really fast. His voice becomes really loud and he shouts at me to get back over there to him and I start walking faster. All of a sudden he gains speed on me and traps me between a gate in the middle between dunkin donuts and a deli 3-25 Wyckoff Ave and 323 Wyckoff Ave. I am terrified. I try to leave he doesn’t let me. Everyone on the street is watching as this random guy I don’t know has me against my will. I ask him what does he want? He begins to say shut the fuck up bitch to me. I ask him to let me go, he says shut the fuck up bitch you talk too much. My adrenaline starts pumping and I’m terrified for my life. No one is doing anything but just watching as I am in danger from a stranger. He starts screaming obscenities in my face and starts huffing and puffing in my face and gritting his teeth. I try to plea with him to let me go, he says I will tell you when you can leave bitch. I say I’m going to call the cops, he says I will break that phone over your head if you move a muscle. I am terrified and feel helpless, I feel like my life is going to be over if I don’t calm him down and speak softly and try to dissuade him from hurting me. I ask him to let me go and he says shut the fuck up cunt you fucking talk way too much, leaning in being crazy intimidating. I asked him if he was going to hit me, he said leaning in aggressively, do you want me to hit you? I said no please, just let me go. He said next time bitch watch what the fuck you say to me, you better shut the fuck up and do as I say, I say “yes, I will, in a soft voice” and he leaves. I finally have a break and make a run for it. I run around the corner and collapse on the ground crying my eyes out at 1590 gates Avenue, Ridgewood nyc 11385. I get up and keep on running to Linden St where my stepmother lives and I get safely inside and tell her all about it. I felt like dying that night, knowing that there are bad men out there harassing women to that degree besides the sexual harassment, sexual assaults,¬†and rapes that already go on. I learned a bitter cruel lesson that day. Women are weaker then men. Men hold the power and can do anything they want to women and we can’t do anything about it. There is nothing that we can do unless we take action like placing surveillance cameras in public areas, the streets, subways, subway stations etc. Women are not safe from men. We are the sheep and men are the wolves. Help us women be able to feel safe as we traverse the world of men, the man’s world. [got_back]