“My rapists are harassing me publicly”

l was drugged raped at gunpoint while back ago pictures were taken. They turn up at my job with a co-worker who prostituted and called me a whore, the picture in question was me on the floor of the hallway where they threw me down the stairs, l was knocked out.
They entered my house while l was at work in the projects. I just moved in without knowledge somehow l was drugged and have little memory of this and l don’t know them, l have tried with the police who still investigating and others. This happened 6 years ago. And now due to this girl who put it on her facebook page l am being harassed everywhere l go. If you are in Brooklyn you can hear it all over the streets they call it project whore, she committed suicide, they are going to waste her, erase her and much more… in a gang stalking crime. My rapistsĀ are harassing me publicly as l am trying to arrest them and I am not the only one they have raped, and no one does anything about it so they continue. l’m known as the biggest whore of NYC all to cover up this rape and to protect this girl. l have found out violence against women is not only men it women too. A man is only as strong as the women behind them not all women but some.