Harassed and Followed

On my way to subway on Bedford Ave at 4 am on a Sunday morning, I was in a great mood and feeling good about having had an awesome night out with friends. I was ready to head home and see my boyfriend. A man started following me and said things like “Girl, you are so beautiful”. I ignored him and kept walking, which only seemed to make him talk more. I went into the subway. He jumped the turnstile. I started feeling threatened. He kept talking. I started telling him things like “leave me alone” and “ it’s 2018, how DARE you follow me and harass me?” This only made it worse and led to verbal harassment like “fuck you, bitch!”. On the subway platform, one bystander (a man) asked “are you ok” ( thank you!) and I said, “no, thank you”. He was a bouncer getting off work. Two other men joined us. We discussed the situation. The harasser left. Although the situation was now resolved, the rest of my night was ruined. This small 5 minutes put me in a terrible mood. I felt threatened, violated, insulted. Although the harasser never was able to physically touch me, I felt harmed. It is so awful and inexcusable that women have to go through this kind of terrible experience so often. [got_back]