HOLLA ON THE GO: “How not to pick up chicks 101…”

I was walking to the park place subway station after leaving class when I heard a man make remarks about someone’s ass. I assumed he was talking to the woman in front of me because she had on tight leggings and she crossed the street quickly. He came up behind me and started touching my hair. I told him not to touch me and he grabbed my hair again so I hit him with my plastic drink bottle. He kept trying to touch me even though I hit him a few times with my bottle to make him leave me alone. As I was going down the station stairs he kicked me and spat at me. I turned around and grabbed this picture of him. He stuck out his middle finger when he saw me take out my phone and ran away. I believe he is a student at BMCC.

His friend was walking behind him and telling me to ignore him, I mean seriously? Ignore the guy invading my personal space? The guy touching my hair even after I kept telling him not to touch me? Hard to ignore that, you coward. I’ve never met these guys before this incident.