HOLLA ON THE GO: “As I walked down a crowded…”

As I walked down a crowded street in Jackson Heights in Queens, N.Y. A guy sitting on a bench started calling me names and talking to me in spanish calling me names like “mamita” and making sexual references. I took a moment and attempted to continue my walk without paying attention to him, though the disgusting feeling of the things he was saying made me turn around and answer back to his disgusting “compliments”. The moment he realized I was offended he started laughing and started screaming “you ugly cow” “you are so fat” and so on and so on. The words weren’t what bothered me, what really bothered me is that he raised his voice as to make me feel ashamed in front of the other people on the street. So I staterd screaming back. To my surprise, there was another guy sitting on the same bench who started defending him and attacking me as well. The second guy had a beer in his hand and since I had started filming them both with my phone, he approached me very aggressively. When I realized he might hurt me I started moving around but continued filming them. Soon as they saw I was making a scene and not letting them make me feel ashamed, they stood up and walked away not without continuing to scream nasty stuff, to which I screamed back making sure that everybody was aware of the situation. I called the police and they said ”We can’t do much, this is not a crime, so what we can do is look around and if we find them give them a talk” to this I said to please do whatever they can so at least nobody else has to be harrassed by those two.