HOLLA ON THE GO: “Sexual comments for 5 min then violence”

Man walked in lockstep with me for several blocks though I tried to slow or speed up…saying the filthiest [things] while looking straight ahead but walking directly beside me. Things like “damn girl I wanna slam so hard into the back of your wall”. When I finally said “I know you’re not talking to me.” He proceeded to explode with “fuck you bitch, I wasn’t talking to you. Fucking crazy mother fucking white ass stupid ass ugly ass bitch”. I stopped walking and he proceeds with vulgar cutting language for a block. Then he turned around and stood there telling stuff back at me as I stood there frozen. I told him “just keep walking” and that really made him mad so he started running towards me still yelling like he was approaching to punch me in the face. I tried to run across the street and almost ran into oncoming cars I was so flustered and terrified. I’ve never felt more unsafe, exposed and completely overpowered.