HOLLA ON THE GO: “On my lunch break…”

I was on my lunch break during work; I work at a small nonprofit in [Brooklyn]. I’m not paid very much and I work hard, so lunch breaks are cherished.

I was walking when I heard “Hey pink jacket!”. I didn’t answer, but when the catcaller drove past, he yelled obscenities. I yelled back “What is wrong with you?” He responded “This is Brooklyn sweetheart” and drove away.

Fuck. You. No one deserves to get yelled at. Where I’m walking does not change my right to not being harassed. You don’t know me at all.

Our nonprofit was given some tickets to Michelle Obama when she came for her book tour. I remember her saying something along the lines of “Every time a woman gets yelled at on the street, that is a cut to that woman.” Even though this instance isn’t particularly bad, I feel cut down and smaller than I did this morning and I hate that.