HOLLA ON THE GO: “Friday morning on the Q train…”

On Friday (3/15/19) around 6:15am I got off the Q train at 7th Avenue in Park Slope. As I walked up the stairs to exit to the street someone behind me said ‘Good morning’ I ignored it as I thought it was not directed towards me. Once I turned onto 7th ave I felt someone following me and he eventually caught up with me and said ‘Good morning’ I said it back thinking he was being friendly or maybe I knew him from the local cafe but did not recognize him. Right away he started making unwanted comments about my body and told me to feel his hands as they were sweating because “girls make guys nervous”. He continued asking questions about my personal life, work, bf, who I live with etc. I kept my answers short and vague. He admitted getting off the train a stop early in order to follow and talk to me, said he normally gets off at Atlantic ave. Stated ‘with a body like mine he had to talk to me’. Once it came time for us to part he wanted to shake hands and took that opportunity to pull me into him wrapping his arms around me in a bear hug and kissed my cheek. As I pushed away he slid his hand around the upper portion of my butt and forced his face towards mine trying to kiss me on the lips. I said NO got out of his grip and he just laughed saying ‘ok’ as I turned and raced across the street. I was about to burst into tears. I’m grateful there was a garbage man 3ft away, I believe it saved me from anymore inappropriate touching.

I’m going to contact MTA to ask what I need to do to possibly see if they can find a still of his face so I can upload it. I can recall what he looked like but it was dark and I tried not looking at him much. He wore a beanie, winter coat and backpack. About 5’5″-5’7″ maybe late 30s early 40s, had an accent, tan with a prominent nose. I got the feeling this was not his first time.

Be safe!