HOLLA ON THE GO: I’m posting this so other women in the DC area know…

I’m only posting this so other women in the DC area know to be on the look out. At the CVS on Carroll Ave near the Takoma Metro Station, there is a young man that routinely yells verbal abuse and swears at random women exiting the store.
The first time this happened, he yelled some swears and saying how he wanted to kill. He left the scene before I could call the police.
The second time he was outside the store, he yelled swears again and followed me a short distance. He began throwing coins at me as I continued to walk away from him, and yell more obscenities .

I’d also like to point out that he appeared to be a seemingly well off man harassing women for the sole sake of harrassing women. (He definitely wasn’t a homeless man asking for change, though his actions would have been wromg regardless) There was no reason for him to wait so long outside of a pharmacy. I don’t understand how harrassers can devout so much of their time being angry at strangers.

Anyway, if you need to refill a prescription, just go to another store. That man’s actions seem to be getting worse, and I don’t want anyone to get harmed.

(Also, I in no way want the workers at the store to blamed for inaction. They seemed just as worried about his presence)