HOLLA ON THE GO: Harassed by group of teenagers of the subway

I was on the L train Subway going into Brooklyn on Saturday night 07/20 around 10:00 . There was a group of about 4-5 teens heavily vaping in the car as we were being held in the station. I was coughing and rolled my eyes as it was in my face and irritating a cough that I was just getting rid of . I waved the smoke away from me and one of the kids thew a vape cart at me and was talking shit to me and I said I can do what I want and kicked the cart and exited the subway car, to avoid conflict.. The kids followed me into the other car and surrounded me and verbally assaulted me and I gave them the peace sign and told them to relax , they were obviously high , I again exited the car and they followed me again i to another car and started verbally assaulting me again and videoing me on one of the kids phones, as I was trying to squash it . No one in the car said anything to help me or ask me if I was ok. They finally went back to the other end of the car. As we pulled into Bedford I saw them watch me get off and the followed me. When I got up the stairs I stood next to two subway workers and texted my boyfriend, hoping they would just walk out.. they walked by up the exit stairs and threw another vape cart at me. I then went back down into the subway and realized there were only trains going back into the city and I stood behind a pillar at the back of the station while I thought of what to do. As I looked out I saw one of the guys harassing me come back down looking for me. I then headed out the Driggs entrance as I walked by I told a subway worker kids were harassing me and he just asked me what stop I was going to .. I knew I just had to leave so I exited out of the station
and ran on side streets till I got back home.