HOLLA ON THE GO: Walking around my…

Walking around my community a man comes out his Apt. I am picking up after my dog, he say to me “you need to talk to me and speak, answer me when I talked to you” by then he is in my personal space. I SAY GET AWAY I WILL CALL THE POLICE ,! He said, “If you call the Police you will be sorry”. I go into my building and tell my husband what happen, how I was afraid. This the same man that comes up to me and has followed me before . My husband goes outside and tells him to stay away .

I report to police next day they tell him stay away, and he agrees . Two weeks later, the same man comes down his ramp, then going up my ramp he stops in my path 4 ft in front me. I am trying to get to my car, but he is blocking my path intimidating me, glaring at me, calling me his girlfriend come see me. Fumbling, I get my keys get in the car and go report to police. 3-4 times he comes into my mail room says ‘Hi sweetheart’ ‘Honey I did not know that was you’ . His mail room is in his building . On Nov 1 He comes out of his building, lights a cigarette in a Non-Smoking complex, making grunting noises as I was clean up after my dog, so I start to walking in a different direction. Away, away from him.

He is following beside me smoking, and I am having an asthma attack. I do not see him, until then i notice him crouching down sneaking between cars when I yell “Get the hell away from me” . He says, I going call the police on you . I call the police after I get inside my cell was not working .

They wanted to send a Emt I said No I treated my Asthma, they said they would send someone down ! I call work say I will be late .1/ 1.5 no police I called back the PD . Dispatcher said no one came to see you I said no .The police office that called me back said that they had a lot of down tree line, they were very busy , because the lines where down . I felt like The the GOOD OLD BOYS AT THERE FINE ITS AT WORK . I DID NOT MATTER, I WAS NOT WORTH THE TIME . NO LAWS ABOUT STREET HARASSMENT. Later other officer tells me this feel there is only one Police Office she can not be on duty 24/7 M.M