Street Harassment: I called 9-1-1 and asked them to stay on the line because someone was following me – they didn’t

I was walking home at night and a man on a bike said “god bless you mami,” I didn’t want to encourage him so I didn’t respond. He said “what, you don’t believe in God,” and cut me off on his bike (riding right in front of me).

When I tried to walk he would block my path, follow me, and verbally harass me. When he finally got a little bit further away I called 9-1-1 and said “I think I’m about to be raped.” Keep in mind I’m much shorter than this guy. I don’t know if he had a weapon he’s concealing. He’s obviously got mad intentions and he’s FOLLOWING me. He rides away for a second and they ask if it’s an emergency. I’ve heard of people facing brutality and arrests for misusing 9-1-1 and was afraid if he had heard me and got scared and finally left I would be deemed to have wasted police time and would get in trouble for fearing my own security. I said “I think he’s gone but PLEASE stay on the line with me, I’m almost home and I don’t want him knowing where I live.” There was only one business open-a gas station with a tiny room. But if no one was there and he follows me inside I knew I’d be trapped with him with nowhere to run. Then he returns and the operator angrily does “I can’t do that. 9-1-1 doesn’t take complaints.” This wasn’t a complaint. She went “so there’s no emergency?” I said no because she basically just told me there wasn’t. It was a cry for help not to be arrested if the man didn’t return, which he did shortly after she hung up. I realized then that I was totally alone. No 9-1-1. No other pedestrian to scare him off. No local business. Nothing. He came back and I just grabbed the pepper spray in my pocket and waited. I realized he was watching how I was walking and saw a car coming. I changed my direction as soon as he got close to the car and he switched too, causing him to nearly have a head on collision. He had to stop to adjust his bike. When he did, he saw the pepper spray in my hand and I gave him a look that read “I don’t care if I go to jail for hurting you in self defense. I’m not getting assaulted again.” He rode off on his bike. This is the same police station where an officer who worked there, while on vacation, busted into the home of a black woman and her children, called them racist terms, and threatened them. Never trusting them again until something is done.