ONLINE HARASSMENT: Verbal abuse from multiple Instagram accounts

A couple of weeks ago, this man Grigor, reached out to see if I can go on a date with him. I didn’t know him, aside from him reaching out to tell me I was a good musician on Instagram. I had some conversation back-and-forth sometime last year, but it wasn’t really anything serious. It was more getting to know him. About a year later, he apologized and said that he was sorry he rejected me. I wasn’t quite sure what he meant by that. I told him I was involved with someone else. At that point, he asked me if my sister was available for dating. I thought it was really odd behavior, so I blocked him. He used various accounts to spam my Music account on Instagram, and he left me a long message on a picture with me and my sister on Instagram, publicly, telling me that I should quit music, because I’m bad at it and so forth… I didn’t read the whole thing, because it was very abusive. I reported this to Instagram, as he was using fake accounts. The Instagram account came back that he didn’t violate community standards, even though he harassed me publicly, and he didn’t have his picture or real name on the account. For some reason this website won’t let me attach a photo… But I have the photo of his account.