Public Harassment: Followed around the subway station

I was standing on the platform waiting for the train when I noticed a man staring at me. It made me uncomfortable so I walked further down the platform to distance myself. He followed me down the platform until he got within one foot of my face and was staring as hard as he could at my eyes. I asked him to stop following me and he said “following you?? This is a fucking transit station.” I said “okay then I’m sorry for offending you” then walked away again and he followed me again. The train arrived and he was watching me to see if I would get on the train. He looked like he was going to get on the train but when I didn’t, he didn’t. I ran upstairs to potentially wait it out and find a different train but he followed me upstairs. I found a transit cop and told him I was being followed. The man followed me to the transit cop, told him I was acting suspicious and that he thinks im schizophrenic. “Look at her – why is she shaking!” The transit cop said “she’s shaking because you’re scaring her, man. Just leave her alone.” The transit cop called the NYPD and then told the man to leave, which he finally did. I waited around for the NYPD so I could submit a report, but after awhile they never showed up so I left. But im grateful for that transit officer’s help.