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Public Harassment: Followed around the subway station

I was standing on the platform waiting for the train when I noticed a man staring at me. It made me uncomfortable so I walked further down the platform to distance myself. He followed me down the platform until he got within one foot of my face and was staring as hard as he could … Continued

Subway grinding

A man forcibly rubbed and thrust himself against me on the L train. It was a full train, and despite my repeated attempts to make it stop, he continued. I took his photo, and reported it to police and special victims detectives.

Harassment on the subway platform

While waiting for the subway. A person on the platform was yelling at non-white riders and talking about how she voted for Donald Trump and it was ok for her to be yelling because of that. I went to stand by and talk to one of the targets of the harassment because the harasser was … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Racist guy on the subway

On 11/13/16 around 9:30 pm, I was saying goodbye to 3 girlfriends at Penn Station after celebrating a birthday. 3 of us are Asian. This white guy walked by and said, “yeah, yeah, happy birthday, go back to your country,” then walked away. I yelled extremely LOUDLY “what did you say?!” He kept walking but … Continued

Creep on the Subway

Next level creep spotted me on the platform, I felt his gaze as he walked by, and turned around to see him look up from my legs and ass to look at me very pointedly while licking his lips. I moved away from him as he decided to park himself right next to me on … Continued

Photographed & Followed in the Subway

I was on the 7 train alone, and it was fairly crowded. During this train ride, I noticed the man sitting next to me taking photos of my face. When I got off, he got off as well, and he was directly behind me on the escalator. I ran down the stairs to get on … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Harassed on the Subway

This guy pushed his leg into my butt, and when I moved in towards my friend, he followed. He then walked down the car and came back to me, pressing his whole body against me. I tried to push into a group I was with and my track coach said “step away from the kids”, … Continued