Who we are


Kalema Boateng, NYC Hollaback Leader, is a native Bronx, New Yorker. She is a graduate of Barnard College and a community organizer. She received her BA in psychology and education and served as a campus leader in the Columbia University community. Her commitment to event coordinating landed her a position as Black Heritage Month Fashion Showcase Coordinator in 2009 and Black Heritage Month Chair in 2011 of Columbia University.
She was a Bear Pin recipient at Barnard College, the most prestigious award in the college that showcased campus leadership and community organizing and was nominated by her peers as a Senior Marshal for Barnard College commencement .
Her commitment to coordinating is a passion of hers that continues to excite her in presenting new and exciting events. As a campus leader in the Athena Scholars Program, Youth About Business Alumni and Joseph A. Forgione Development School for Youth alumni her dedication to assessing students needs and peoples needs motivated her to create a new philanthropic endeavor titled Arts Day in which students in the Columbia University community dedicated themselves to a day of service and mentorship showcasing their talents to underrepresented teenagers.
Kalema’s work as a Barnard undergraduate directed her to the non-profit sector as an editorial intern at Sesame Workshop and now as a core member of Hollaback NYC. In her senior thesis, “Street Harassment as a Genderless Concern in the Age of Technology” she examines the complexity of Street Harassment as a progressive movement as well as Hollaback being a facilitator in educating women about their sexual rights as well as people regarding the profound effects of sexual harassment internationally. She hopes that her work in Hollaback can help people see and spark change around the world.