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Waiting in Line

I went out with my friends to a bar and after drinking a little bit we left to go eat. My friends and I were waiting in line to get our food when a man came up behind me. He smirked and got closer to me but I looked away because I felt uncomfortable. Once … Continued

Groped in Radio City

My husband and I were enjoying a performance at Radio City Music Hall. I had my husband to my left and a young fellow maybe 17 or 18 sit to my right and on his right was his father. This kid starts creeping right on to me. I move as far over in my seat … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Walking to the subway at night

A man with his hood up said “do you want to suck my dick” while I was walking to the subway from my boyfriend’s apartment in Harlem to go home to Brooklyn. It was disgusting. I just kept walking, quickly and crossed the street even though I didn’t have the walk light. Now my boyfriend … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Bethany’s Story

Man standing under an awning on the North side of 42nd Street right next to BBQ place decided to invite me to suck his balls and called various people walking by all sorts of nasty things. Happy Almost-Spring! [got_back]

HOLLA ON THE GO: Followed all day

I was with my mother and aunt shopping on the boulevard. We were in modells on the check out line when I saw a man continuously looking at me inappropriately. He let a lady skip him just to get closer, after he paid I figured he would be gone. I was wrong, we went into … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: “Who are you voting for?”

Not 20 steps away from my stoop and this guy walking past asks me “who are you voting for?” I don’t say anything and keep walking and he says “you look so sexy. I want to rape you.” [got_back]

Sitting at the Cafe

From inside the cafe, I could see a man across the street under the Strand awning. He masturbated until completion and then used that hand to wave to me. [got_back]

HOLLA ON THE GO: Transgender Harassment

As I came off the Sutter Avenue subway stop on the 3 line, a few men on the street saw me in my dress and heels and starting shouting phrases at me like “Why do you look like that?” “What’s wrong with you?” And other harassing statements. I continued walking and did my best to … Continued

Every single day

For months now I have had cat calls and lewd comments when walking by the construction site here. I now walk across the street. It’s not that they are that bad — I mean it’s not assault — but it makes me scared about what they do to other women in a less public space. … Continued