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Kids need to be educated

In high school, people are constantly made fun for being gay and are called extremely offensive terms such as the “f” word for gay men. They are outed by their peers, such as are talked about as being “such a f……” This is unacceptable to the LGBT+ community. [got_back]

Constant harassment

Yesterday was a Sunday in New York. I woke up, walked the dog. I got a “have a good day miss” right on the door. As I turned the corner I got a “damn she’s thick, GIRL YOU THICK” that was from a group of men. Then about six hours later I had an older … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Creep talking to my daughters in the subway

Last week at 3:30pm in the Lorimer/Metropolitan station my daughters (12 and 14 years old) were on their way home from school. They told me that a man (stranger) came very close to them, snuck up on them then started asking lots of questions. “are you on the way home from school?” And warning them … Continued

Nia’s Story: 3 Separate Incidents

First let me start by saying I am a 13 year old bisexual female whom encounters sexual harassment everyday; whether is on my way to school, in school or even online.There are SOOO many incidents but I will write just three. So the first instance was last year around 3 pm when my mom and … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: “It happens all the time”

I was standing outside of my friends’ car waiting for him to give me coins to put in the meter. I was leaning against the window, and a relatively large group (about 7 or 8) guys walk by. There was not a single one who didn’t holler at me. Some said “Damn baby!” While others … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Harassed by six separate men in the space of 150 feet

Harassed by six separate men in the space of 150 feet at the Hoboken main terminal. The first two called me “sexy” and then talked loudly to each other about “orgasming” on my shoes. The next four just randomly hollered things at me. A cop was in earshot but he didn’t do anything. [got_back]