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Carolyn’s Story: “Hello-ohh”

I was walking home from work and the post office with a giant package in my hands. I crossed the (empty) street and halfway across realized this man was standing on the other side staring at me. He said “Hello-ohh!!”. I knew it wasn’t going to be good, but I figured I’d give him the … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Every single day

I get cat called and lewd comments walking by this construction site. I now walk across the street which I shouldn’t have to do. It’s not like assault of course but it’s endless and makes me scared for what they do to women in less public settings. Very disturbing and makes me feel powerless. [got_back]

I indirectly paid to get catcalled

It was about 3 PM. I was walking west on Lincoln place towards Classon Ave. I noticed about 10 men in reflective safety vests that were shoveling some snow around the sidewalks and in the intersection. As I approached I prepared myself to be catcalled. It makes me mad that I even have to think … Continued

Being a badass bystander on the 4 train!

This girl was sitting next to me on the four train in Brooklyn heading to Manhattan. Then some guy comes over to her and said “I saw you looking at me.” She took off her headphones and said “No I was not looking at you.” Then he got closer to her and said “I saw … Continued

Allison Mendez’s Story

This was probably the strangest encounter I’ve experienced. Usually when guys bother me on the street they tell me I’m pretty or how they wanna make me their wife and when I keep walking and ignore me they usually either make a remark about how I’m rude or follow me for a few steps. This … Continued


A few weeks ago, I was on the 7 train heading from Manhattan to queens when a man in sweatpants kept smiling at me on the train. At one point he came very close to me and smiled and said something. I took out my headphones and he asked the time. Both myself and the … Continued

Assaulted at the Thanksgiving Parade

One of my fondest childhood memories is going to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in New York, which was an annual tradition in our family. I look back to those times before my parents’ bitter breakup as an idyllic time. So I go every year. It doesn’t matter that I’m single. If I’m not dating, I … Continued

Kids need to be educated

In high school, people are constantly made fun for being gay and are called extremely offensive terms such as the “f” word for gay men. They are outed by their peers, such as are talked about as being “such a f……” This is unacceptable to the LGBT+ community. [got_back]