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Unsafe in My Neighborhood

There is a local pervert who has harassed me for the 6+ years I’ve lived here. He is always sitting in front of the local laundry mat where there is a bench, or the vet office where there is a bench. This afternoon he addressed me as I walked with my child, I responded with, … Continued

My Outfit is Not an Invitation

It’s Monday. It’s going to be a nice 70 degree day. I have to be in the office all day. I am going to wear a short sleeved dress with my jean jacket and flats because it’s a nice outfit and I want to look and FEEL nice. But wait…as I make my commute from … Continued

Alix’s Story: Racist and sexist harassment

I was crossing E. 168th Street to get to my office, and a man was also crossing the street coming towards me. He made a kissing noise and said “Can I take you somewhere?” I said, “Don’t f*ing talk to me” and kept walking. He laughed and said “Oh my god, spicy! I like that!” … Continued

Shaking with Anger

A truck driver whistled and called out to a clearly underaged girl. He said she had an amazing ass. I didn’t plan to yell at him, but I’m so so sick of it. I told him not to whistle or talk to women on the street. Naturally, he called me a bitch, gave me the … Continued

Cali Girl

I was walking from Penn Station with a large duffel bag. I was waiting for the light to turn when an older man approached me and said hello various times. He asked me several times where I was from, asking if I was from California. I didn’t respond and it seemed like he thought I … Continued

So Tired

So tired of being harassed every time stepped outside of my apartment, not even wear anything colorful or without leggings/tights. Doesn’t matter if it is day or night, it happens all the time. I even start not going out if it is not necessary. I start feeling trapped. [got_back]

Harassed and Laughed At

I was walking into my father in law’s house when 4 men coming home from work crossed the street towards me and started shouting “Aye mami! How you doin’? Come here mami!” I told them where to go and they laughed and continued to taunt me until I found my keys and got inside the … Continued