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Exposing Himself

I am a 17 year old girl. I was waiting for the train at around 5:00 at the Whitehall/South Ferry Uptown R Station. I was with my sister (17) and friend (16). A middle-aged man, about 5’5″ with a flattish nose and crew cut wearing black dress pants was standing near us on the platform … Continued

Women Are People Too

I was walking home around 10:30pm. There is a group of around 6-8 men who normally hang out after dark just before my house. I was across the street around 15 feet away from them and one of the older men, maybe in his 40’s yelled, “Hey Girl! Over there! If you would turn around! … Continued

Nicole Takes Back Control

Walking to go meet a friend for coffee yesterday, I had to get past the construction in the 58th street/Colombus circle area. I heard from behind me, “Fuck you’re looking fiiiiine today” and turned around to see some smug construction worker standing in the middle of the sidewalk obviously proud of himself. I pulled out … Continued

Not a piece of meat

I was on my way to work so I got onto the J train at Essex/Delancey around 9am one day. Unfortunately the trains were extremely packed and if I didn’t squeeze myself on, I wouldn’t be able to get to work so I forced myself onto the train along with other passengers. A few minutes … Continued

Lily’s Story

On my way to work this morning, this guy put his phone between my legs and took a photo up my skirt. I wouldn’t leave him alone until he showed me his phone. He took it out and it immediately opened up to snap chat. He then winked at me, told me I’m beautiful and … Continued


There is a construction site within 4-5 short blocks from my office. Yesterday, I was on my way to lunch and passed by the area and the entire crew of about 10-15 workers catcalled, and yelled obscene comments at me as I passed by. I was not wearing anything revealing or tight; I had a … Continued

Unsafe in My Neighborhood

There is a local pervert who has harassed me for the 6+ years I’ve lived here. He is always sitting in front of the local laundry mat where there is a bench, or the vet office where there is a bench. This afternoon he addressed me as I walked with my child, I responded with, … Continued

My Outfit is Not an Invitation

It’s Monday. It’s going to be a nice 70 degree day. I have to be in the office all day. I am going to wear a short sleeved dress with my jean jacket and flats because it’s a nice outfit and I want to look and FEEL nice. But wait…as I make my commute from … Continued