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HOLLA ON THE GO: Waiting for a ride

I was waiting on a corner of the street, this 30-40 year old man came up to me and said “you are so pretty, you should be more appreciative! Why don’t you just smile?! I can’t see how pretty you really are if you don’t smile! It’s a waste of your good looks!!” Then he … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Verbally Aggressive Construction Worker

Today, while walking home from work at 4:15PM, I encountered a verbally aggressive and demeaning construction worker at the construction site on the corner of 1st Avenue and E. 88th Street. It appeared that this specific worker had been assigned to redirect foot traffic to a newly create walkway just on the edge of the … Continued

Yelled At

I was out walking with my friend. A passenger in a dark green sedan leaned out of the car window and screamed “bitch” at us, and then continued speeding down James Street. The car was driving recklessly. [got_back]

Ruined my Walk

I’m studying for the bar exam and to say I am stressed and exhausted is a gigantic understatement. I went for a walk to get a juice and some fresh air, and as I’m walking down the street, this guy comes up really close and waves at me. I sorta ducked and moved away. Then … Continued

I had the right of way

I was trying to cross the intersection at East 51st and 3rd Avenue. A man in a black car was blocking the crosswalk when the traffic light changed. I attempted to cross the street when I technically had the right of way. He stepped on the gas and quickly braked and then honked angrily at … Continued

Don’t Touch Me

These men were hanging out in front of a deli on the corner of 107th and Amsterdam. One was wearing a hat and put his face in front of mine while I was walking and said something obscene. His actions made me feel like he intended to touch me. [got_back]

Harassed on the way home

Walking from the train station to my apartment building, only two blocks away, 2 men made kissy sounds and calling me “mami” 2 separate times. Both men were middle aged, one was riding down the street on a bike. I am certain that I was not the only person he harassed. [got_back]

I don’t want to smile

On the corner as I walk home there is frequently a group of young men hanging out. Several times as I passed I’ve had “Hey, beautiful’s” etc. Today I was walking to the store, and was harassed by another man, “Hey gorgeous! How you doin’?” I felt so frustrated by it! So as I walked … Continued