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Pushed onto the Train

I was trying to get on the 4 train during rush hour. This older guy made the “you first” gesture but I made it back. We stood at impasse for a second then he whipped his arm across my back and pushed me onto the train. I shouted at him to stop touching me and … Continued

Creep on the Subway

Next level creep spotted me on the platform, I felt his gaze as he walked by, and turned around to see him look up from my legs and ass to look at me very pointedly while licking his lips. I moved away from him as he decided to park himself right next to me on … Continued

It’s been a tough week: we’re listening

Dear Hollaback! community, This has been a hard week for us, and we wanted to reach out because we imagine it’s been a hard week for you too. If you’re not caught up on the news, here’s a quick rundown: Donald Trump is minimizing the violent and degrading words recorded in 2005 as mere posturing … Continued

Photographed & Followed in the Subway

I was on the 7 train alone, and it was fairly crowded. During this train ride, I noticed the man sitting next to me taking photos of my face. When I got off, he got off as well, and he was directly behind me on the escalator. I ran down the stairs to get on … Continued

“It Doesn’t Matter What We Wear”

I was walking to work in the winter wearing a jacket buttoned up to my neck, jeans, and sneakers. Some old man yelled “hey sexy” as I passed by. I was so shocked that I turned around to see who said that and he looked at me and laughed. Just goes to show that it … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Harassed on the Subway

This guy pushed his leg into my butt, and when I moved in towards my friend, he followed. He then walked down the car and came back to me, pressing his whole body against me. I tried to push into a group I was with and my track coach said “step away from the kids”, … Continued

Bystander: Man Was Yelling At Female Cops

These female cops were towing a car, and a man passed by and winked at them and then said it would take them all day to do that. He saw me walking and he looked all cocky, like he was cool for putting those cops down. So I got in his face and I said … Continued