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“Catcalled 15 times in a 5 hr span today”

I’ve lived in east Harlem for 4 years and I’ve finally gotten fed up with a group of guys who always hang out on the corner and frequently harass me. It’s generally the same group of middle aged guys who hang out on the benches with a new face give or take depending on the … Continued

Death Threat at Noon

As I was walking to the bodega near my apartment this morning 2 men passed me on the side walk and one of them said good morning to me as they passed. I normally choose to not engage or respond because that usually makes it worse. So I kept walking. Then from behind me I … Continued

Harassed During Lunch Break

I work in the area and was sitting on the sidewalk during my lunch break enjoying the sun and drawing. Male approx mid 20s sat next to me touching my arms, lifting the sleeves of my shirt, saying sexual things the whole time. He would not leave. I had to get up and leave the … Continued

Hey Sexy White Girl

Called sexy white girl as I turned the corner near IHOP. I Yelled back: that’s sexual harassment! He just laughed at me.

Harassed in the pharmacy

I was at the pharmacy (headphones in!!) waiting to check out when the older man in front of me kept turning around, staring, tried to make small talk. Asked me if i lived around here, i said yes, he goes REALLY. and asked where. I lied, added a block or so (not my best lie) … Continued

Harassment on the subway platform

While waiting for the subway. A person on the platform was yelling at non-white riders and talking about how she voted for Donald Trump and it was ok for her to be yelling because of that. I went to stand by and talk to one of the targets of the harassment because the harasser was … Continued