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Wearing Shorts is Not an Invitation

I was getting off the A train at west 4th street station on my way home. As I was walking up the platform I saw a group of teenage boys walking towards me. They started to yell at me and make sexual comments, but it was nothing I hadn’t heard before. Right as I thought … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Superintendent street harassment

There’s a superintendent who has harassed me twice on the street. First time at night he asked me for a cigarette and when I declined he moved in closer almost touching me. Second time tonight as I was walking home on 82 st between york/east end ave he walked past me and catcalled me and … Continued

Gym Harasser

It was 5PM on a Tuesday in Midtown. This guy was loitering in front of my gym and started catcalling. I tried to ignore him and walk past him quickly but he grabbed my arm. When I shook him off, he grabbed my bag. I stepped into the gym and quickly snapped a picture of … Continued

Stephanie’s Story: “It makes me feel hopeless”

I was walking home with my male friend around midnight on a Wednesday. A man around the age of 30 stares at us as he passes. Then he starts hooting and hollering. Making gross noises and shouting as we’re walking away from him. My male friend doesn’t acknowledge it. He was in the middle of … Continued

Rachel’s Story

It was New Year’s Eve and I had to change trains at 42nd St. I was wearing a full-length down jacket. Though obviously no one should be harassed no matter what they wear, even a puffer doesn’t fend them off. A man came down the stairs of the very crowded platform & started chasing me … Continued

Youth Public Masturbater

This person masturbates publicly while staring at first graders. I was overseeing them on a trip and beyond disgusted. Luckily they did not see him. I went and stood in front of them and made it obvious that I had noticed. [got_back]

HOLLA ON THE GO: Never went back to the Library

There’s a man named Mike. He was my brothers friend. He was 19 I was 15. Super creepy vibe from him. One day at the Middle country public library, I was reading a book. He was there and found me while I was down in the basement area reading a book. Well no one was … Continued