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Youth Public Masturbater

This person masturbates publicly while staring at first graders. I was overseeing them on a trip and beyond disgusted. Luckily they did not see him. I went and stood in front of them and made it obvious that I had noticed. [got_back]

HOLLA ON THE GO: Never went back to the Library

There’s a man named Mike. He was my brothers friend. He was 19 I was 15. Super creepy vibe from him. One day at the Middle country public library, I was reading a book. He was there and found me while I was down in the basement area reading a book. Well no one was … Continued

Responded to my harasser and he apologized

I was on my way to a gig with my violin on my back, wearing a long formal dress that covered most of my body. A man stopped directly in front of me on the street (after angling himself into my path coming towards me) while I was obviously in a hurry, blocking my path. … Continued

Body shaming harassment

Two men harassed and yelled at me for pulling up my pants and then called my stomach fat.   [got_back]

HOLLA ON THE GO: Eyes on the road, please.

Usually when I or my female friends are harassed (which happens at least once a day in hot weather) I tell our harassers to “keep their [expletive that varies] eyes ahead.” Well, today on my walk home from the train, a man (speeding waaaaaay too fast before and after the incident) pulled up to me … Continued

Followed, grabbed, and stalked by a catcaller

I tried to steady my breath as I hid behind a stairwell on 19th and Gramercy Park West. My first instinct was to text my friend and roommate Emily. As I typed to her frantically, I watched the flow of pedestrians on the corner of 19th and Park Avenue South. I caught a glimpse of … Continued

Stood up for me and my friend

I was walking with my friend at a public garden with not many other people around. A group of loud men entered the vicinity and started commenting on our appearance. Saying things such as “That a** is fat. The purple haired one is cute. Want to come get this d***?” We continued to walk away … Continued

Harassed on my run

It’s been a long week and I just wanted to go for a run. As I’m ending my run, this asshole starts ringing his bell at me. I yelled at him. He wouldn’t go away. He followed me for a while. I started taking his photo and he turned his head. He ruined my day. … Continued

Harrassed at the laundromat

There was a man sitting about 20 meters from my apartment door on an overturned newspaper dispenser; he was sitting between my apartment and the laundromat where I was doing laundry. During the course of my washing and drying, I walked past him four times. Each time he said, “OH DAMN! LOOK AT THOSE LEGS. … Continued