Author: emilyb

A Response to ‘Dear Prudence’

A responce to a recent ‘Dear Prudence’ video: Dearest Prudence, While we appreciate your shout out over here at Hollaback! we’d like a chance to clarify a few things which seem to have confused you.  First, there is no right way to Hollaback; it’s totally up to the individual to decide what reaction is best … Continued

“Say What You Mean, Be Who You Are”

If you haven’t heard about Omega’s new Women’s Leadership Center, which will launch in September 2012, you should definitely check it out.  Founded in 1977, “on the holistic worldview that the well-being of each of us is deeply connected to the well-being of all living things,” Omega has been a part of the non-profit landscape … Continued

Stress on the Streets

As a new blogger here at NYC Hollaback street harassment has been on my mind more so than normal.  As such I have been hyper aware of how street harassment impacts my life.  My intent focus on street harassment has lead me to this relatively simple conclusion: street harassment is a stressful situation. Street harassment … Continued