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Public Harassment: Construction worker.

There was a construction worker who called out to me “Hey there, sexy thing! Nice legs and damn that ass!” And his friends laughed with him and I presume they talked about me afterwards because of where they were pointing. I’m a minor and this man looked to be about 30 and I didn’t know … Continued

Public Harassment: Man touching his penis.

Was on the downtown 3 train this afternoon and this man sat down to next to me while I was reading my book , I noticed that he was touching himself oddly but didn’t see his penis at this time , it was only until I got up from my seat to get off at … Continued

Public Harassment: Catcalled in front of my family.

Was on vacation with my family. Group of young looking guys stops at an intersection when we’re about to cross and one of them yells, “I’m going to fuck your daughter” at me and my family while I’m walking. I’m still feeling embarrassed, ashamed, and angry. My mom told me she was sorry and that … Continued

Public Harassment: Followed around the subway station

I was standing on the platform waiting for the train when I noticed a man staring at me. It made me uncomfortable so I walked further down the platform to distance myself. He followed me down the platform until he got within one foot of my face and was staring as hard as he could … Continued


About two weeks ago, I was walking down East 103rd toward Lexington Avenue from Third Avenue. There was a group of men in front of the bodega next to the liquor. One of the men stepped out in front of me on the sidewalk. I asked him to move and shuffled to the side to … Continued


I was at the corner of 96th and Amsterdam at around 1:07 pm. A man, between the age of 25-30, was wearing a cap, blue disposable mask, with a black shirt. He also had a brown paper bag in his hand. He crossed the street (jaywalked to the street heading west). He then took off … Continued