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Harassed and Followed

On my way to subway on Bedford Ave at 4 am on a Sunday morning, I was in a great mood and feeling good about having had an awesome night out with friends. I was ready to head home and see my boyfriend. A man started following me and said things like “Girl, you are … Continued

“My rapists are harassing me publicly”

l was drugged raped at gunpoint while back ago pictures were taken. They turn up at my job with a co-worker who prostituted and called me a whore, the picture in question was me on the floor of the hallway where they threw me down the stairs, l was knocked out. They entered my house … Continued

Verbal Harassment while walking my dog

A man stopped me on the street while walking my dog and asked me “if I was that girl having sex with her dog.” He would not stop asking even when asked to stop. Then proceeded to say “but you’re a pornstar. It’s okay, all porn is okay. Black porn, White porn, gay porn, dog … Continued

Multiple, Daily Cases of Harassment

I recently moved to the border of Fort Greene and Downtown Brooklyn. While I thought I would like the neighborhood and am aware that the city has been investing in the growth of the area, the constant street harassment makes it impossible to imagine safely making this my home. I am verbally harassed an estimated … Continued

Harassed on 1st Day of School

I was walking to class on my first day of school at SVA and there was a construction zone, and 3 construction workers taking a break that all stared at me as i was walking towards them and when i got within earshot they all shouted vulgar things in regard to the fact that i … Continued

Followed down Bond Street

I was followed down Bond Street by a man repeatedly yelling derogatory slurs that were extremely aggressive and sexual in nature, despite me not engaging in any way whatsoever with him.

Wouldn’t Take No for an Answer

I was sitting in the park by my building on the phone. A man comes up behind me, taps me on the shoulder and starts saying something I don’t understand. I gesture that I’m on the phone but he keeps speaking. I turn my attention to him, thinking maybe he’s just looking for directions. He … Continued