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Harassed on 1st Day of School

I was walking to class on my first day of school at SVA and there was a construction zone, and 3 construction workers taking a break that all stared at me as i was walking towards them and when i got within earshot they all shouted vulgar things in regard to the fact that i … Continued

Followed down Bond Street

I was followed down Bond Street by a man repeatedly yelling derogatory slurs that were extremely aggressive and sexual in nature, despite me not engaging in any way whatsoever with him.

Wouldn’t Take No for an Answer

I was sitting in the park by my building on the phone. A man comes up behind me, taps me on the shoulder and starts saying something I don’t understand. I gesture that I’m on the phone but he keeps speaking. I turn my attention to him, thinking maybe he’s just looking for directions. He … Continued

Hey Sexy White Girl

Called sexy white girl as I turned the corner near IHOP. I Yelled back: that’s sexual harassment! He just laughed at me.

Harassment on the subway platform

While waiting for the subway. A person on the platform was yelling at non-white riders and talking about how she voted for Donald Trump and it was ok for her to be yelling because of that. I went to stand by and talk to one of the targets of the harassment because the harasser was … Continued