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Street Harassment: Aggressive Catcall

A group of men were hanging out on the street corner. It started as a simple “look at that beautiful woman” with 1-2 other comments on my appearance. I kept my head down and didn’t respond, and kept walking. It quickly escalated to “you’re not even going to say thank you?” Which then, very quickly … Continued

Street Harassment: Family Harassed Intentionally via Explicit Music

Our neighbors – who we’ve never met – in Brooklyn – decided they’d harass my wife, my four-year old child and my elderly father with extremely sexually explicit music. They watched out the window, pointing and laughing to make sure we were unsettled. They acknowledged us catching them and continued to laugh. This happened around … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Followed by taxi

  I was followed by a taxi for two blocks as I was walking at 3pm. He’s yelling at me from his car. He beckons me to come over, shouts” you look familiar “ not the time man, not the time. [got_back]

HOLLA ON THE GO: Followed to work at 8:10am

This guy came up probably was talking to me for a block, but I was listening to a podcast, so I didn’t notice. He jumps in front of me, I take my earphones out and he says “let me take you to anywhere you want. What shoe size you wear?” I say no thank you … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: He yelled ****** and I ducked

I was walking to the grocery store yesterday with my husband, we looked over at one another and said I love you. This man walking toward us heard it, he waited to pass us, yelled faggot, and threw a can of ginger ale at us, I ducked. He then ran off. [got_back]

HOLLA ON THE GO: Peered out the window…

Peered out the window of my usual train as it pulled out of my usual subway station to witness a man waggling his penis around with his hand, perhaps jerking off, perhaps practicing semaphore signs. Not a particularly charming sight, I can tell you that. [got_back]  

HOLLA ON THE GO: Walking around my…

Walking around my community a man comes out his Apt. I am picking up after my dog, he say to me “you need to talk to me and speak, answer me when I talked to you” by then he is in my personal space. I SAY GET AWAY I WILL CALL THE POLICE ,! He … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Hotel doormen

This is an ongoing story for me, ive been harassed for the past couple of years, by two doormen. Years ago a tall, very thin doorman there would mumble something to me periodically and eventually one day im walking and he makes a comment about the “hickey on my skin…” He is finally gone from … Continued