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I was walking to Dunkin Donuts after going to a store on Quentin Road and decided to turn down 36th street. At the corner of 36th and Fillmore I was waiting for the light to turn green so I could walk to the other side of the street. A man was turning left onto 36th … Continued


I just moved to Providence, RI, normally I am with my husband and kids, but they haven’t moved yet. So I decided to walk around downtown Providence to get to know my new home. After more than ten catcalls, an invite to get on a motorcycle, and being followed by a shirtless man, I’m feeling … Continued

Street Harassment: On multiple occasions…

On multiple occasions, our UPS guy has lasciviously stared at me; focusing on my breasts, or looking me up and down. It disgusts me to the point that I feel absolutely sickened by it, and then physically and mentally exhausted from not knowing what to do about it. [got_back]

Street Harassment: Aggressive Catcall

A group of men were hanging out on the street corner. It started as a simple “look at that beautiful woman” with 1-2 other comments on my appearance. I kept my head down and didn’t respond, and kept walking. It quickly escalated to “you’re not even going to say thank you?” Which then, very quickly … Continued

Street Harassment: Family Harassed Intentionally via Explicit Music

Our neighbors – who we’ve never met – in Brooklyn – decided they’d harass my wife, my four-year old child and my elderly father with extremely sexually explicit music. They watched out the window, pointing and laughing to make sure we were unsettled. They acknowledged us catching them and continued to laugh. This happened around … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Followed by taxi

  I was followed by a taxi for two blocks as I was walking at 3pm. He’s yelling at me from his car. He beckons me to come over, shouts” you look familiar “ not the time man, not the time. [got_back]