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NYC Anti-Street Harassment Rally : April 5th!

Join us for this year’s NYC Anti-Street Harassment Rally!   What: The rally against street harassment is part of international anti-street harassment week (March 30-April 5). The event will be hosted by La Roka and will include 20 speakers, mini-workshops on self-defense, wheat-pasting, bystander intervention, and a chalk walk. We’ll also being unveiling a new … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Creeper on the 7 train

Happened this morning (1/7/14) on the 7 local train in NYC. This man got on from 46th St station and immediately stood right in front of me. At first, I didn’t seem to care, but this man kept looking down at me and was winking at me and trying to say something. I had my … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: “Did not feel safe”

I was walking home from the pharmacy on 2nd Avenue when a group of men (with a child, how shameful) started screaming “Cheee nah” at me. When I didn’t respond they made racist remarks and kept doing so until I was out of earshot. Did not feel safe. Followed for a bit. [got_back]

Come to Hollaback!’s 8th Birthday Party!

Hollaback!’s 8th Birthday Party is coming up and we want to celebrate with you! Join us and Girls Pint Out at the Brooklyn Brewery on October 21st at 7:30 for an unforgettable birthday celebration! Girls Pint Out is a beer appreciation group for women in an industry that underindexes women [some estimates say women represent ~37% of craft drinkers and ~29% of craft … Continued

On October 19th Hollaback! Joins Suzanne Lacy’s “Between the Door and the Street” Project

On October 19th, 2013, hundreds are taking to Brooklyn stoops for Suzanne Lacy’s first public art event in New York, “Between the Door and the Street“.  Lacy’s participatory artwork will bring together New York based feminists and activists to participate in live, unscripted dialogues on Brooklyn’s most iconic architectural feature – the stoop. The public … Continued

The HOLLA::Revolution Promo Video is UP!

On July 25th, 2013, Hollaback! hosted the first ever international speakers series on street harassment, HOLLA::Revolution.  The event was emceed by Jamia Wilson and featured leading local and international leaders in the fight against gender-based violence.   The historic event featured 18 badass speakers and performers representing organizations such as: Bklyn Boihood, Sassafrass Tech Collective, … Continued

Questions about our NYC app? The FAQ is here.

Hollaback! is proud to work with the New York Council to empower the public to take direct action in the face of all forms of street harassment and make their complaints count. This week we relaunched our apps in New York City, allowing users to report street harassment and bystander intervention to Hollaback!, and, if … Continued